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10 Side-Hustle Ideas for Single Moms

Side-Hustle Ideas for moms

Are you a single mom looking for Side-Hustle Ideas to earn extra money? Well, this article is for you!

I’m so glad to share with you a Guest Post from Jason, a lifestyle blogger of Mint Habits. Here, he talks about the different Side-Hustle Ideas for moms to know. Take a read as you might grab some ideas from this post.

I’ve listed 10 ways to make extra money on the side. It’s a list that combines different ways to make money aside from other “long-term” income sources that require more patience. Of course, these income streams help you make a lot more money eventually.

I’ve included 10 Side-Hustle Ideas that you can do from home when you have time. As we all know, single moms are busy! Here’s the list below!


A very steady Side-Hustle idea to earn income online today is to teach English to students all over the world. Countries like China have a booming population of people who want to learn English online.

There are many companies to partner with to find online tutoring jobs, and most of them are flexible with hours; it’s a great way for busy moms to make extra income.

You generally need a degree in any subject and be a native English speaker, or very proficient in the English language if it’s not your primary language. Pay will range greatly depending on your experience and background, but $10-$20 an hour is a reasonable rate to expect when teaching English online.


A niche website is a website that focuses specifically on a topic. These are very popular sites to build to make money off.

How it works is you set up a website, create content, and then attract readers to your content. Once you have eyeballs on your work, you can then begin to make money.

One of the most popular Side-Hustle idea to make money from a niche website is to use Affiliate Marketing – which is promoting other businesses products/services for a commission.

Niche websites are great for single moms to work on because it’s a side hustle you can do right from home and whenever you have time to do it. It’s 100% flexible with your schedule.

The downside is that there is a steeper learning curve in the beginning and you won’t be making money right away. But that is also a good thing in a way because this can make you $100+ every single day – so the reward is huge compared to doing other side hustle jobs.

Have you ever thought of starting your own WordPress Blog and Make Extra Income from it?

Here’s a great resource that I want to share with you. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or just in need of a refresher, in this guide, you’ll find everything you need to get your blog up and running. Check out “How to start a WordPress Blog” here.


If you have Uber in your city, driving for them is a great side-hustle idea to earn extra income. One of the best things about Uber is that they are really flexible with hours and you can choose to drive whenever you want.

You do need to own a vehicle that isn’t too old and be licensed to drive. However, if you drive people, especially during peak hours, you can be making an extra $15+ an hour. This is a great weekend or evening side-hustle job when you get a break from all your daily duties!


Babysitting is a great way to earn extra income especially if you already take care of your children at home.

You can set up a babysitting business such as a Day Home, where you stay home to look after other people’s children. Furthermore, you can also look after your own kids at the same time.

The alternative is to go to someone else’s home to babysit their children. This is an easier side-hustle idea to set up and quicker to make money if this is something you want to do; you don’t have to go through setting up a business or spend too much time and money advertising a Day Home.

Babysitting is a great job for moms because you are probably already quite experienced with caring for others or you’re one step away to becoming someone who’s experienced in childcare and self-care!

As a side note, you can also animal sit. Dog sitting is especially popular. You can find jobs dog sitting for a day or for extended periods of time as people need someone to look after their animals when they go away on vacation.


Are you comfortable in front of a camera?

One of the best side-hustle idea to make money from home is to start your
own Youtube channel. You could make a channel on any topic imaginable and generate income by including ads in your videos.

A great Youtube channel idea is to talk about the life of a single mom! You could share all your challenges and help other moms in a similar situation to be the best parents they can be.


Starting a Youtube channel is easy. You can start simple and use your smartphone as your camera too. As you get the hang of things and
your viewership grows, you can invest in better gear. Youtube is a side gig you can do when you have time so it doesn’t tie you down.

Work from Home Jobs


Writing is a very in demand skill and it’s one of the most popular side-hustle ideas from home. One of the best places to write for is Bloggers and any website online that needs fresh content often.

The best paying writing jobs are the ones you reach out to Blogger or businesses to inquire about becoming a writer for them.

There is no middle man taking a cut so you generally make more money.
However, you may find writing jobs quicker by browsing through freelancing websites where they connect writers with people who need content written.

These websites can be competitive as there are a lot of workers looking for work, however, it can be the right place for you to get started making money writing online.


Who isn’t on Instagram these days? The Instagram Influencing world is fairly new but it’s grown so much in just a few years.

An influencer is a loose word for someone who has “influence”. Which means when you say or do something, people listen. And because you have other people’s eyes and ears, you can promote products and services to them and be paid to do that.

You can make money by sponsorships where a brand can pay you money to post a photo of you in an outfit, for example. Or you can make affiliate commissions by referring people to a store or website to buy something
you’ve promoted.

You can be an influencer in any niche. For example, the health and wellness niche has many types of influencers, recommending all sorts of products like fish oil, work out equipment, clothing, courses, and supplements.

The best thing is to start an Instagram account on a topic you already love and are super passionate about. It will be a lot of work growing your audience but it will be a fun work because it’s your passion!


When you get to around 5k followers, brands will begin to want to work with you! And as you get bigger, you can make more and more money because you’ll have more influence.



Virtually assisting people and companies is an incredibly cool way to make money as a single mom. Your job is to help someone else do various tasks right from your own computer.

This means you may never need to see who you’re working for or ever have to speak over the phone. Your interactions may just be through email and that’s it.

Virtual assistant jobs are incredibly varied. You could get hired to proofread articles, answer emails, create graphics, or manage websites. There are multiple virtual assistant jobs for every skill.

Freelancing websites are good places to get started but this side-hustle idea won’t pay you the most. You can start here, or you can do a bit more work in the beginning. You can do this by reaching out to websites asking if they are hiring people for the skill sets you have.


Photography is one of the most popular hobbies and with the internet available nowadays, it’s a great place to make money with your photography skills.

A traditional side-hustle idea to make money would be to set up portrait sessions or do wedding photography. That does take up extra time outside of your day job. Why not use the internet?

In addition, you can make money by selling your photos to stock websites. You’ll earn royalties every time your photo is downloaded.

You can also sell prints online or start a website about photography – which would give you numerous ways to earn income.


Every brand and business needs an online presence. If you’re familiar with social media, you could really help a business grow their accounts. These types of side-hustle jobs can often pay very well, and can even become your full-time job depending on the company you work for.

One of the best reasons to become a social media manager is because you often work from home and your hours can often be flexible – which can really help single moms!

Many social media companies only require you to do 10-20 hours of work per week for them and generally don’t require you to “punch in and out” at a certain time during the day. As long as you get the particulars done, then you’re good!

Finding companies who need social media help is incredibly easy. Many companies have awful social accounts. If you check most local businesses’ Instagram accounts, they really need help when it comes to their photos and content.

You can put together a proposal for companies and send it off to them. If you do a good job, you should get a lot of interested businesses as most of them really need support in growing their social media properly.


This list of side-hustle ideas was made with the idea to help you make extra money while being at home as much as possible.

The internet has given all of us a great opportunity to make extra money right at home! And many of these side-hustle ideas have flexibility built into them where you can work at your own time and can put it off when you don’t.

The best thing to do is to pick an idea that connects with yourself and get started! Good luck!


Author:Jason is a lifestyle blogger at Mint Habits. One of his favorite topics to blog about is personal finance which inspired this article. If you’re looking for more ways to make money and other financial advice, check his blog out!

Side-Hustle Ideas

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