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10 Tips on Finding Time to Exercise as a Busy Mom

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Do you struggle in finding time to exercise as a busy mom? Let’s admit, there’s a lot on our plate that we tend to set aside an important aspect of our overall Wellness.

In this post, our Guest Blogger, Dom Uguccioni, from 10 Minutes Fitness Take Aways, has outlined some tips and tricks on finding time to exercise. 

Let’s see what he has to say. Let’s start….

Finding time to exercise has always been a challenge for most of us. If you find it hard to exercise and set time for your health and fitness, you are certainly not alone.

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First, let’s review a few of the potential barriers when exercising as a working mom.

  1. I Work! 

Many of us work beyond the standard 8 hours per day if salaried, or hold down another job if we are hourly. Indeed, Work takes up a lot of time in our week.

2. I commute! 

If you commute 30 minutes each way to work, that is at least 5 hours per week! Many of us spend longer each week in the car, on foot, on a bike, or even catching trains.

3. I have kids! 

Daycare/school pick up and drop off, after school activities, morning routine, and bedtime routine are all a labor of love; however, kids require a lot of our time and attention. It’s fulfilling and rewarding but it also takes up our energy.

4. I’m tired! 

At the end of the day, a lot of us are feeling very stressed and tired, and it seems daunting to build an exercise routine.


How about Gym time?

Gym memberships can be even more challenging because there is an additional time required to travel and the time for the exercise itself.

If you have a Gym membership but are not finding the time to use it, please follow along, you will still find some helpful tips here.

If any or all of these limitations apply to you and you are struggling to find time for self-care and exercise, this post is definitely for you.


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Now let’s start by taking a short Self-Assessment of how you spend your time on a weekday:

1. When do you wake up?

2. When do your kids wake up/how long is the morning routine?

3. Do you drop the kids off each day (school/day care)?

4. How long is your commute?

5. How long is the work day?

6. How long is your lunch break?

7. Do you pick up the kids or go to after school activities?

8. What is your house dinner routine?

 9. When is bed time for the kids?

10. When is bedtime for you?

That’s a lot, right?? Although it looks very daunting, the nice thing about weekdays is that it’s very routine-based.



How about your peak energy levels? Ask yourself a few questions and let’s find out:

1. Am I a morning person?

2. Is exercise mid-day the best time for me?

3. Can I exercise at night, or am I too tired?

Now, you will need to analyze your schedule with your peak times of the day. Here are some potential opportunities you can look at/customize for you:

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As you now know what are your potential barriers and your peak energy levels, here are some tips that I recommend for you. They are easy to follow and for sure you can apply this in your daily routine.

1. If you are a morning person, or you can be after a cup of coffee, brainstorm what you could do by waking up an extra 30 minutes early, at 3 days per week. Go for a walk, stretch or do yoga, do some bodyweight circuits…all from the comfort of your home!

2. If you are not a morning person, and you have a spouse/partner, can you change up your morning routine? Give yourself 30 minutes for exercise while your spouse takes care of some household tasks.  This is a potential alternate to waking up early.

3. If you are not a morning person, can you bring a change of clothes or shoes to work and walk, jog, do a bodyweight circuit during lunch?  This would require eating at your work station rather than a formal lunch break; but fitting in exercise during lunch can be very energizing and breaks up the workday.


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4. Does your employer have an employee fitness center you can use? What about stairs? These can be excellent lunch fitness options, if available.

5. Are you an evening person? If yes, can you make some adjustments to the bedtime routine and find yourself 30 minutes to exercise?

6. Can you do some meal prep every weekend and save yourself time around dinner during the week? This is a bodyweight option if you are an evening workout person.

If you do some analysis of your daily routine, I think you will surprise yourself on how you can find time to exercise. You can do at least 30 minutes at 3 days per week.  If you have a gym membership, use the same concept.



7. If your family is active, could you play some games with the kids, or help them train for their sports?

8. If your family is not active, could you explore some new family activities like hiking, indoor or outdoor parks, cycling, or roller skating?


9. If you have a spouse/partner, can you split time with the kids so you can find 30-60 minutes to exercise on Saturday and Sunday?

10. Do you have a yard? If yes, could you intentionally make yardwork/care more active and involved? Think push lawn mower with more meticulous weeding.



Once you have identified your blocks of time, the next thing to do is make a commitment to your new routine, and write it down. 

Keep a log of how many days a week you will exercise, for how long, and what specifically you will do.

Planning out your week and tracking your progress will help you hold accountable for yourself, and this provide motivation when you see how far you have come! 

Remember, as the saying goes “You cannot pour from an empty cup”. Making time to take care of yourself and exercise will give you more energy to continue to be the loving, supportive mom you already are.

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I hope this post and exploration of your current schedule has given you some ideas and inspiration in finding time to exercise with your busy schedule.

If you would like to connect with me or via additional related content, please visit my blog at https://10minutetakeaways.com/.

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Dom Uguccioni is a husband, a father, a full-time College Administrator, and also operates a Health and Fitness blog. His interest in Health and Fitness dates back to his high school and college days as an Athlete. He has a degree in Applied Exercise Science and his blog focuses on simplifying Health and Fitness.


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