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12 Calgary Shops and Businesses That You Need To Check This Year!

In the first quarter of 2019, I started this blog to share my journey while figuring out motherhood.

With zero experience of web & graphic design, freelancing, and marketing, I actually created this blog from scratch.

It was exactly on February 1st that I created this website, followed by my first post “Who am I and Why I’m here?”. I didn’t even know what I was doing. I didn’t know how blogging really works. Obviously, it’s just a hobby for me.

Blog Post Title for Calgary Shops and Businesses

In less than a year, MamaBuzz has evolved from Blog to Biz!

MamaBuzz Creations was officially launched in October 2019. It is your One-Stop Shop for Matching Shirts and Custom Designs. This Mama here eventually joined Holiday Markets and Trade Shows and was able to connect and collaborate with other small business owners.

If you haven’t checked out the post, here is my 2019 Year-end Review in the MamaBuzz Hive!

This January, we also have featured an amazing Mom who has been an inspiration to most of us. She is our MomStar of the Month and on January 25th, she was able to gather the Boss Mom Community in a Fundraising Gala and we celebrated together amidst all the buzz of motherhood.

Check out “It’s not hard to be real: Tips from the Founder of the R.E.A.L Biz Moms.”

With all these accomplishments, I was able to connect with Local Vendors and Business Owners and so I thought I should share this to you and hope you’ll get a chance to check them out!

So now…let me showcase to you our 12 Amazing Calgary Shops and Businesses with the R.E.A.L Biz Moms behind it.

Read it straight from the owners themselves!

Let’s start!


Moms and Babies dancing Ballet

Balletiques classes provide a total body workout that combines the strength and elegance of ballet with the power and endurance of a traditional workout.

With over 30 years of experience as a dancer, your expert instructor will teach you the basic fundamentals of ballet fused with fitness, while torching calories and having fun.

Everyone is welcome no matter your age, body size or fitness ability. Offering Barre Fitness, Mom & Baby, Silver Swans (for over 55s) and family-friendly Balletiques Fusion classes.

Your first class is FREE!

Check out our post: “It’s never too late to try something new: the Benefits of Mom and Baby Ballet”

mom and baby ballet

Behind this awesome ballet-inspired fitness class is a professionally trained dancer originally from the UK, Sarah Stewart.

Sarah began her dancing career at the age of six and has shared her experience in ballet, modern and tap after gaining her Registered Teacher Status at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. She now teaches students at the School of Alberta Ballet and is the founder of Balletiques.

Find her on Instagram or visit website at Balletiques.


ISC Calgary Shop Logo

This program is based off the mindset that the three aspects of our overall health influence each other so greatly, that we need to make sure each is balanced correctly in respect to each person and their lifestyle.

These three aspects of health are emotional health, physical health, and mental health.


The goal with this program is to provide tools, strategies, and outlets for participants to use even long term after going through the program, and to be accessible to everyone.

There are many mental health programs, and quite a few physical health programs even in our city but there is no one else that has combined all 3 aspects into one program. That being said, they have an enormous responsibility to provide the best material, and overall experience to everyone we provide our program with.


Photo for Business owner of ISC

Kayla is the Founder and Director of ISC Health. After many years of extensive leadership training, she decided to launch a health program that would promote balanced lifestyles.

The program creation began about 7 years ago when Kayla noticed a significant need for such a program after being included in many opportunities where she experienced a similar theme in each: people focus so much on giving, they forget to give to themselves.

With her experience in Healthcare, Music, Education & Coaching, Leadership Programs, Public Speaking, Independent Business Ownership, and more, she brings a diverse background into her coaching sessions.

As a wife and mother, she knows first hand how crazy life can get and is eager to share with others different outlets and other ways to care for yourself. 

Find her on Instagram or visit the website at ISC Health.


Kinder Studios Logo for Calgary Shops and Businesses

Kinder Studios is Calgary’s first dance educational studio! But what truly makes it unique is that they don’t have a brick and mortar location as they are mobile!

Instead, they bring classes to you by partnering with local preschools or daycares; they offer parents the opportunity of having their child participate in an extra curricular activity just without extra drop offs!

They offer everything a traditional studios offers (recital, picture day, parent viewing etc) just in comfort of a familiar place!

They are currently in Montreux, Westsprings, Strathcona, Eau Claire & Altadore! But are looking to expand into many more communities in Fall 2020!!

They also offer STEM, languages and yoga as well as an occasional adult class!


Owner of Kinderstudios

Kinder Studios is owned and operated by Liz Hamzeh, Calgary-based ballet dancer and teacher.

Before starting Kinder Studios, Liz was an artistic director for a dance academy and ballet teacher. She also teaches French and a broad range of dance, from jazz to latin.

She is the mom to two kids and lives in Calgary.

Find her on Instagram or visit the website at KinderStudios.


Creations by Jordan Logo for Calgary Shop and Businesses

In Creations by Jordan, customers are able to order personalized and customized items to their liking. Some items that can be personalized are cups, pillows, clothing, robes, ornaments and lots more.

Because it is a smaller business, it allows customers to order smaller quantities and not have to order in bulk. The designs and possibilities are endless.

Owner of Creations by Jordan

My name is Jordan and I am a mama to two boys a 4 year old and 6 month old. I started Creations by Jordan 2 1/2 years ago.

At first, it was just a hobby but now it has turned into so much more than that. There is just something about creating a customized and personalized item for someone that just makes my heart feel so full.

I love being creative and bringing customers ideas to life. I am able to customized almost any item via one of my two methods vinyl or sublimation. The design options are endless. Feel free to shoot me a message so we can get started on your personalized item today!

Find her on Instagram or visit the website at Creations by Jordan.


Beautiful Balance Logo

What makes Beautiful Balance different than other energy healers?

Beautiful Balance will empower you through education around your energies.

You will be mentored into learning how to start doing regular energy work on yourself between sessions.

Danielle, the owner, believes that if you don’t understand it you won’t believe it. Try it and have the chance to see the impact Beautiful Balance can bring to your everyday.

She believes it’s a whole package deal and that for you to know what is being shared at the end of sessions, you need to have been given some knowledge around the whole system.

There is so many layers within your life force energies that it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start.

Owner of Beautiful Balance

Danielle has built Beautiful Balance around this exact mission and purpose. I built it without really trying to be unique but I have come to see that this is what sets me apart! What makes me one of a kind!

I am a mom, wife, and a healer. 

My purpose on this planet is to guide women and nurturers to reclaim their birth right and empower them to take their natural superpower back 🦹‍♀️ 

I am the owner of Beautiful Balance – were the focus is to use a combination of energetic healing, education, and mentorships to support individuals to connect and activate their SELF Healing natural power we all are created with at birth! 

Find her on Instagram or visit website at Beautiful Balance.


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Make It Night Logo Calgary Business

Make It Night is a DIY home decor workshop company. They offer private and public events in order for people to have a chance to connect with others, grow their community, and foster their creativity all while building something beautiful for their home.

They believe that these three things promote success and wellbeing in people. The projects they help others create are beautiful, and completely unique. Their events are pick your project style, meaning no two projects are the same. They’d love to have you come to a workshop, and see what it’s all about!!

Family Photo at the beach

I created Make It Night for two reasons: to give people a DIY project they would love and provide a time and space to create fun memories with friends and family.

After having twins I felt like my days were full of bottles, diapers, laundry and repeat. I was craving a project where I could actually start and finish it in the same sitting.

When my twins were born I also had a 2 year old. My hands were more than full… I didn’t have enough hands.

That is when I found I had the amazing help of mothers, friends, neighbours, and even strangers in parking lots. I wanted to create a business where people could strength their relationships with those they love. 

And, that is when Make It Night was born. From the need to surround myself with a strong community of women, and the want to create something beautiful for my home.

Find her on Instagram or visit website at Make It Night.


Cheeky Sleeper Calgary Shops and Businesses

Cheeky Sleeper supports tired and frustrated parents as they teach their infants to children to sleep better. This is accomplished through a variety of techniques one in one education, personalized sleep plans, text and phone calls.

A variety of approaches are being used to sleep and you will not be asked if you do something you are not comfortable with.

Alison McAdam is the Owner of Cheeky Sleeper  and Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant.

Alison was born and raised in Toronto and arrived in Calgary (via Fredericton) almost 7 years ago. My eldest daughter made her entrance 20 days after my arrival in Calgary. I am a mom of 2 girls, 5 and almost 7 yr and wife to a wonderfully supportive husband of 9.5 years. 

After welcoming my second daughter in 2015, life got a little crazy (my husband went back to travelling a lot for work, my health thought that Thyroid cancer and appendicitis would be fun, and I was at a crossroads in my HR Career). 

That was the start of the hardest year of my life. I am not sure how I made it out in one piece. The following year I decided along with my husband to find a career that would bring me joy and allow me to stay home with our girls. 

In 2016, I started my journey of detailed research and self-discovery. This process resulted in my finding Sleep Consulting as my career.

In September 2016,  I began my studies with the Family Sleep Institute and becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant; I successfully graduated in February 2017.

Upon graduation, I started Cheeky Sleeper. 


As a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, I help tired and frustrated parents navigate the often overwhelming road to better family sleep. I do this by providing detailed intake, consultant and family centre sleep plans. All my packages include daily follow up via phone, email or text. I love nothing more than watching a mom and dad become confident and well-rested parents. 

To relax when I’m not working, you can find me outside at the park with my girls, bike riding, swimming or hanging out with friends. For a little me time I like to get out for a run, knitting, read non-sleep books or indulge in an entertaining podcast or audiobook.  I also volunteer for both preschool board and as a girl guide leader.  I love sleep and share lots of tips and information both on social media and my website.

To learn more about me head over to @cheeky_sleeper  (on Facebook or Instagram) and/or check out my website www.cheekysleeper.com. Feel free to send me a message, and I’m happy to set up a free 15-minute sleep consult. 

Find her on Instagram or visit website at Cheeky Sleeper.


Baby Food Logo for Calgary Shops and Businesses

Booby Food makes #momlife and mealtime easier. They prep for you 5+ weeks of baby food so Mama’s stress is less about what to feed to their babes.

The most exciting product launch is coming very soon. Booby Food helps Mamas breastfeed when they’re not breastfeeding by turning their breastmilk into freeze-dried powdered Booby Food. It’s shelf-stable, travel-friendly and lasts for YEARS.

Booby Food is AHS approved and is currently under the review process with Health Canada to offer the service Canada wide.

Lastly Baby Food offers Healthy Mama, Happy Baby Nutritional and Health services.

Janna Hattingh is a certified holistic nutritional consultant with a degree in kinesology, wife and Mama to sweet baby Sage: wrecker of nipples.  Working in the natural health and nutrition industry for over 10 years from personal training, to alternative medicine and nutritional consulting; Janna is passionate about helping busy, stressed out mamas live happier, healthier lives. 

Booby Food makes #momlife easier by taking the stress out of mealtime. From freeze-drying breastmilk, to teaching parents how to make their own nutritiously delicious baby food and helping mamas gain confidence and take charge of their health through diet and nutrition from postpartum and beyond.

I offer You+Me Make Food for Baby in home cooking lessons on how to make delicious and nutritious baby food incorporating whole foods, herbs and spices. Her background includes a degree in kinesiology (human performance), diploma in natural nutrition and I’ve spent 10+ working years in the alternative health, fitness and nutrition industry.

Find her on Instagram or visit website at BoobyFood.


Easy Nutrition Logo

Through this nutrition programs, people are empowered to change their eating habits so that they can lose the weight, create the body they want, and regain their health in a simple and practical way that is sustainable.

Kim Findlay is a Certified Holistic Nutrition coach with an extensive background in helping mommas lose the weight and regain their confidence and energy.

She started Easy Nutrition to help make healthy eating more simple, she brings it back to the basics and helps her clients build a nutrition program that is right for them and fits into their busy lives. 

Kim loves being in the kitchen and cooking nutritious gluten free and dairy free meals and snacks for her kids. Recently she has started her journey as a vegan and is learning a lot about balancing macros while also feeding her kids vegan meals that they love. Her vegan journey may not be forever, she loves having more variety in her diet, but this experiment has already given her great insights into how to introduce more vegetables into your diet as well as managing hunger while restricting calories. 

Follow her on Instagram to learn more about her vegan journey, and you can find lots of recipes, vegan and otherwise, on her blog.


Dragon Fly Maternity for Calgary Shops and Businesses

Dragonfly Maternity is an inclusive + supportive space where moms can connect and families can bond. They provide affordable maternity consignment and other retail products from local creators; fitness and well-being for physical + mental health; an array of workshops + events focused on educating, celebrating community, and building relationships; and they connect families with practitioners + resources here in our city.

Dragon Fly Maternity Owner

Cher Compton is the founder + community builder behind Dragonfly Maternity — a consignment maternity boutique, fitness studio, and event space for moms & families. 

Dragonfly Maternity started as an outcome of Cher’s own experience becoming a mother. After having kids of her own, she quickly realized a few things: how expensive it is to build one’s maternity wardrobe for a short period of time!; how isolating life can be as a new mom through the ups & downs of caring for a newborn; and how important both community and fitness truly are for moms during this transitional time in their life, which in turn effects families as a whole.

Wanting to create this community of support for other moms is where it all began. Adding to the shop + studio, Cher also saw an opportunity to bring in other areas of resources for families while supporting fellow entrepreneurs and local businesses here in Calgary.

Sharing the space with those who can offer workshops, events, group sessions, and one-on-one consultations makes this community even stronger.

Bringing all of this to life, Dragonfly Maternity has become a place where moms can connect and families can bond in a supportive, friendly, and inclusive environment. 

Cher is a certified Prenatal Yoga instructor; a consignment shopping aficionado; the mom to two wonderful boys and wife to an amazing husband; and a lover of travelling, food + wine… and dragonflies.

To become part of the Dragonfly community, following along at @DragonflyMaternity on social, and visit their centrally-located shop + studio in Tuxedo Park.  

Find her on Instagram and Visit Website at DragonFly Maternity.



Injehnuity Strategic Marketing Inc. is a Calgary based full service outsourced marketing department for small businesses looking to increase revenues with strategic planning and execution.

They deliver real results through creative, custom-tailored marketing campaigns, corporate branding, digital marketing, social media, advertising, and events specifically targeted to your ideal customer.

Jehn owns Calgary-based marketing agency Injehnuity, working mainly with tech startups and scale-ups to save them time, money, and effort while making more sales. 

Jehn is passionate about volunteering and building community, currently serving on the Board at Foundations for the Future Charter Academy and managing online communities to practice and promote good digital citizenship. 

In addition to being a hardworking professional, Jehn is a proud mom and stepmom, successfully juggling a fast-moving & demanding career with continuing education and parenthood since 2006.

Find her on Instagram or visit Website at Injehnuity Strategic Marketing Inc.


MamaBuzz Creations poster

At MamaBuzz Creations, we aim to connect and provide you with lasting memories by using Unique and Custom Designs that match your needs.

It provides unique experiences for families to bond and create moments through wearing our matching shirts and custom designs.

Mom and Baby Matching

Mitchelle is the face behind the MamaBuzz blog. I am a first-time mom of a little man and a wife of an adventure-seeker husband just like me. I am a Nurse and Coordinator by profession and I am the Founder and Creator of the MamaBuzz blog and the MamaBuzz Creations shop.

As you know, it’s not easy to be living with a little human who is dependent in your hands. While on Maternity Leave, I realized I wanted to connect with others and provide inspiration by doing what you love and at the same time, spending it with your little ones. That’s when I came up with the MamaBuzz blog.

MamaBuzz is a Mom and Baby Lifestyle blog where Mom Life keeps buzzing with Activities filled with Self-Care Ideas, Family Adventures and Inspiration.


The blog aims to share some positive vibes to the community in order to thrive the busy, yet rewarding life of motherhood. I want to inspire others on how to balance MomLife and Wellness with kids.

In here, you will find me buzzing positively with Recreational Activities, Family Fun Ideas, and Early Childhood Learning. I am also happy to share stories related to Health and Wellness, Family Travel, Adventure and all things Motherhood-related.

Find me on Instagram and visit the shop at MamaBuzz Creations.

Blog Post Title for Calgary Shops and Businesses to Check this year

Mitchelle is a first-time mom and the buzzy Mama of a sweet little man. She's here to connect with other moms, parents or soon to be parents by buzzing positively with Mom & Baby Activities filled with Self-Care Ideas, Family Fun, and Inspiration to help you balance Mom Life and Wellness. Welcome to the Hive-where Mom Life keeps buzzing!


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