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15 Ways On How To Make Money Online This Year

With the recent situation, has it ever crossed your mind on how to make money online now that things have shifted drastically?

As you can remember, we have shared a blog post last year “10 Side-Hustle Ideas for Single Moms” and I quickly realized that these 10 Ways to Make Money Online is soaring high with the global pandemic. Not just for moms but almost anyone is searching for it especially that a lot of day jobs have greatly been affected.

I found this article from Oberlo, “10 Best Side-Hustle to Make an Extra $1,000 a month”, and it also outlined some great ideas on how to make an income outside your 9-5 day job.

It actually highlighted the purpose of doing a side hustle not just to make money online but also to develop new skills, build a brand or portfolio, and achieve more freedom. 

Right now, our guest poster, Anushka, will share with us 15 Ways on how to make money online this year. Here it is.

With the pandemic affecting us drastically in 2020, there has been an imbalance in the job sector followed by a financial-crunch in our day-to-day expenses.

With most of the work shifting to digital platforms, you will not be surprised that it is possible, and in fact, extremely easy to make money online this year.

This article will brief you on 15 ways on how to make money online using nothing but your computer this year. 

1. Commercialise your skills

One of the most beneficial as well as interesting ways on how to make money is offering your skills through an online course. This is highly popular, especially in times of this pandemic. 

If you are well versed in the skills of photography, you can set up a professional photography course. 


If you are from the business field, why not offer to coach in stocks or management for beginners? 

You will have to prepare notes, PDF files, video lectures, online tests and discussion forums for students. 

There are a number of online facilitators for online courses. Some of them are Skillshare, Unacademy, Udemy, and TakeLessons. 


2. Write and publish an E-book

If you are a passionate writer looking to make extra money using this skill, this job might be perfect for you. 

One of the most popular platforms to publish an e-book is Kindle. Kindle offers a detailed guide from beginning to end. 

You can write a book about almost anything and everything. Starting from fiction, skill-based or a self-help book. 

Following the publishing, promote it extensively on social media to increase downloads. 

3. Teach a language

If you are a native language speaker, one of the easiest ways you can make money is by tutoring beginners in a language that is foreign to them but naive to you. 

As an experienced speaker in English, Spanish or French, there can be a high demand for these languages. 

As of 2020, the most important and demanded languages were Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and Russian. The hourly cost of language tutoring can start at $25. 


4. Set up a blog

If you are passionate about food, business, health, or lifestyle, why not set up a blog? Setting up a blog might not be as expensive as you think.

It just requires an initial investment like purchasing a domain, search engine marketing or website development. 

However, there are always platforms where you can set up your blog free of cost. One of the popular mediums is WordPress. 

Organically increasing your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can be done through extensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A blog can pay off well once it is well established through rigorous marketing.

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5. Launch an online fitness platform

If you are a fitness trainer, a nutritionist, or simply passionate about staying healthy and fit, you can motivate and support others who may be striving to reach their fitness goals. 

You may set up a Youtube channel, a blog, or a website where you regularly upload daily workout videos, diet plans, health and fitness-related articles, and even one-on-one personal training for subscribed, premium members. 

Most of the people during the pandemic have quit the gym and began working out at home, according to their convenience. This is a great opportunity to earn good bucks and promote a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

6. Make a commercialized podcast

Mom and Baby sitting

Turn your interests into an interesting podcast. According to 2020 alone, over 150 million people listen to podcasts weekly. 

Creating a podcast requires minimum investment. All you need is a good script, a laptop and a good mic. 

One good part about creating a podcast channel is that you do not have to be available live. 

You can record many episodes at a time and keep launching it daily. This helps with organizing your schedule and helping to avoid a creative block.

As you may not know, MamaBuzz was actually given the opportunity to be interviewed in a podcast!

Launching an online store and finding success was a huge challenge, but I did it anyway and not long ago I was interviewed b Charlotte Noble, host of How Moms Make Money Online Podcast.

Listen up, and learn how you can do the same. 

7.  Create a Youtube Channel

Whatever you may be passionate about, videos are one of the best mediums to convey your message. They attract a larger amount of audience than any other mediums. 

Create how-to videos, Q&A sessions, cooking videos or simply a talk video. You can learn the basics of video editing skills if you are not familiar. 

After your channel is completely settled and well-established, you can commercialise your youtube channel and even get paid by youtube itself.

Have you checked out the MamaBuzz Youtube Channel? Here’s a sample 20 Minute Prenatal Yoga Class + Easy Poses for Beginners.

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8. Choreograph online

For all the dancers out there, want to take your talent to the next level? Start a choreography channel! 

During this pandemic, many of us have looked for ways to develop a hobby or skill. One such one was to learn how to dance. 

If you are a dancer and want to be established as a professional choreographer, you can set up an interesting and interactive premium channel to teach dance. 

You will need a good mic, a good camera and a regular schedule for uploading videos. 

Here’s one of our first Mom and Baby Workouts that we actually have shared in the MamaBuzz Channel.

9. Start a thrift platform

Thrift business is one of the highly demanded and increasingly popular businesses in today’s times. 

With the awareness about sustainable fashion, thrift stores are making good sums globally. 

If you have a pile of unworn clothes which you might be trying to fit into your cupboards, put a price tag on them and sell them online! Thrift items are less costly than regular items. 

But if you manage to create a good social presence locally, you will be in good demand. 

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10. Drop-ship

Drop-shipping is nothing but playing the role of a mediator between the supplier and the customer. 

Your job will be to act as a business model that acquires the products from the supplier and delivers the package to the end customer, but on your behalf. 

You do not even have to maintain an inventory during drop-shipping, and that’s a good part. 

One of the ways that our MamaBuzz blog has made money online is through our online shop. We started with drop shipping but eventually evolved with our own brand and online store.

Please feel free to visit www.mamabuzzcreations.com and there, you will find Matching Shirts and Custom Designs, and Personalized Gifts!

11. Become a Counsellor

If you are passionate about psychology or life-coaching, you can inspire, motivate and help people online through one-on-one tutoring or even in groups. 

Self-help groups are popular and in-demand when people of the same interest or problems come together and talk it out. 

You can be an inspiring life-coach and freelancer to talk or write for other shows or websites as well. 

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12. Participate in online tests and surveys

This is one of the easiest and effortless ways to earn an income. Online surveys reward you with extra benefits, one of them being financial incentives. 

One of the popular websites Qmee rewards you if you fill out surveys about global brands. 

13. Researching 

If you are keen to study different topics and prepare an analysis, you will find research very interesting. 

Researching here includes coming up with correct facts and identifying news as fake-news and rumours, which can create a nuisance for companies. 

To overcome this, they look out for researchers who dive deep into issues and come up with accurate and correct observations. In return, you will be paid quite handsomely and that can help make you make extra money online this year.

14. Invest, Invest, Invest

Do you want to increase your savings that have been lying in your account for years? The best way to multiply them is by investing in the stock market.

Although you cannot learn how to invest, you can look up as to how to actually get started. 

Try analysing the stock market for some time and choose the companies you want to invest in. 

Observe and carefully anticipate if you are a passive investor or an active investor. 

Overall, the stock market comes with its own risks and make sure you are not missing out on keeping those in mind.

15. Freelance

Finally, the best way to earn an income online is to freelance. 

Freelance with companies, blogs, and even social media accounts by creating content, graphic designing, copywriting, or marketing. 

This will help you add value to your resume and polish your skills. Moreover, you gain a good amount of experience and you can plan for full-time jobs later on. 

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About the Author

Anushka Bhargava is a passionate writer and a poet pursuing a degree in media and communications. She regularly contributes articles on Soul Healing at F and B Recipes. To learn more about her, feel free to connect through email or through her social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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