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15 Weekend Activities to do with a baby

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Sunny days are here and you are now probably thinking about the different weekend activities to do with a baby.

“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues…are created, strengthened and maintained.”

-Winston Churchill

Last year, I had my son in August and it was a perfect time for me to have a baby around. How time flies so fast? I’m just thankful that I was able to do a lot of activities with my little one while I’m on Maternity leave.

Aside from the sunny summer days, I got a chance to do activities while recovering from childbirth.

Now, let’s look back with some of our wonderful memories together. I’ll share to you some weekend activities that we have done and there’s actually so much more! Hope you’ll enjoy a glimpse of our first 10 months.

Here are our 15 favorite weekend activities to do with a baby.


Weekend Activities-Mom and Baby swimming

Swimming is one of our favorite weekend activities.  He was 6 months old when he started to join the Starfish class for infants.  In the beginning, he was a little bit scared of the water but eventually, he loved it!

When going out for a swim, ensure to plan ahead to make the weekend activity successful.  Some helpful tips include finding a heated pool beforehand, checking for a family-friendly changing room, picking the best time to ensure your baby has already taken his morning nap, and being calm in the water to boost baby’s confidence. 

In addition, what made it more exciting was that Mom and Dad were with him during these times.  We alternate with my husband weekly which gave us each other a chance to participate in the Rhyme songs and also to entertain him in the water.



Weekend Activities-Dance

One of the weekend activities that we also like is baby-wearing through dance. It’s actually a daily routine for us and Little M loves the beat of the music and the swaying motion while being wrapped around my chest.

In January, we started the Mom and Baby Ballet which enlightened me to do fun things with the baby. I realized it’s not too late to try something new.  It’s a new skill and a new fitness idea for postpartum moms. 

Indeed, my baby-wearing journey has been so great!  In fact, it gives us a lot of benefits.  Babies love being snuggled by Mom, and baby-wearing through dance promotes Maternal bonding.  

Through dance, you feel connected with the baby as you sway and rock him.  Just ensure to use a secure and proper carrier for him to use.

Furthermore, it’s not only the baby who reaps the benefits.  You get to increase your energy and confidence by moving your body back to fitness while bonding with your little one.  




Weekend Activities-Stroller walks

Strollercise, as they call it is one of the easiest weekend activities that you can do as a family.  It does not cost much to go for a walk and bring out your stroller.  

If not, you can also bring your baby with a carrier and have a walk around your neighborhood.  It takes effort and dedication to push yourself.  But once you do it every day, it’s actually worth it.

As a first-time mom, walking outside gives me that alone time.  It’s a great activity for Self-Care. My baby loves to be brought outside so this made me feel productive and motivated to be up and about.  

Weekend Activities-Self-Care Guide

As much as we do it daily, we also find time to go for meet-ups with other moms and babies.  It’s one way to connect with the community and this was very helpful.




Weekend Activities-Grocery Shopping

Recently, we have been bringing Little M for grocery shopping on weekends.  We do it through carrying him or by placing him on the cart.

I remember his first time to be sitting on it and he was just the happiest baby.  He would look around the area and he would look up to see the lights. He loves the movement and you can see how curious he is with his environment.

In the beginning, his Dad used to go for grocery shopping while I take care of him at home.  However, we tried to go as a family, and it worked out successfully! We discovered that it’s a fun weekend activity for the baby as he gets to see a lot of things around him.


Weekend Activities-Baby Hiking

Another fun weekend activity that you can do is hiking.  We just did it on our first Father’s Day weekend! Instead of spending the day somewhere, we headed over to the mountains. It was worth a try and we’ll definitely go back for more trails.

We feel this is something that we can do as a family moving forward as we used to hike before we had a baby.

Weekend Activities-Family hiking

However, it takes a different approach now with a little one with us.  We have to ensure we pack the essential items for him and make some backup plans.  

Having a baby may be tough when it comes to preparation but it’s important to have a good plan when something comes up. I have an infant so it’s best to go for small and moderate hikes. 

Of course, babywearing is a must! It’s good we currently have a 6 position hip seat carrierand he loves it! 

I might need to get him a Baby Backpack Hiking carrier if we plan to go more often. I have to check out some travel tips for the baby and maybe I can grab and apply some information from it.



Weekend Activities-Dad and Baby in the Zoo

This year, we purchased our membership at the Calgary Zoo. That means, we have more opportunities to visit the place since it offers unlimited visits for a year.

Visiting the zoo is a great way to spend time with a baby especially that there are a lot of things that you can do.  From seeing the giant panda for example, the penguins, giraffes, lions, and the hippos, you will not feel bored being outside.

Pregnancy Planner to help you organize for baby's arrival

Both parents and kids will have fun as there are lots of exciting stuff being offered such as Zoo Hacks, Penguin Keeper Chat, Tiger Training, Gorillas on the Line, Zoo Snacks, Grizzly Bear Training, and Savannah Social. 

During your visit, you will witness and experience a variety of Animal Destinations. This includes the Canadian Wilds, African Savannah, Destination Africa, Penguin Plunge, Pre-historic Park, Conservatory Garden, Land of Lemurs and the Panda Passage. 

All of these attractions will surely make your visit worthwhile. 

Aside from the major attractions, the Calgary Zoo offers activities and events such as the Daily Panda Breakfasts, Safari Brunch, and Special Day events.

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Furthermore, other cool activities in the Zoo include Kids Camps, School Programs and Sleep overs.  They also host Birthday Parties for kids who love to have a unique theme for their special day!

That’s why don’t ever miss checking out the Zoo like the Calgary Zoo and place it in your bucket list. Read more of The Best Zoos to visit in the world here.


Weekend Activities-Babies near the Splash Pad

Recently, our Mom and Baby group went for a picnic with a splash pad available in one of the Recreation Centers. We brought food with us and our little ones enjoyed the day.

Initially, he was not very happy touching the grass and did not want to go near the water. But then he was accustomed to how fun it was as he sees other kids playing around. It’s visually appealing and highly interactive to see the spray of the water.


Weekend Activities-Mom and Baby in an indoor playground

Another fun idea for weekend activities with the baby is visiting indoor playgrounds. What’s exciting about it is that most of these playgrounds offer free admissions for infants.

The last place we visited was the Hide n Seek Indoor playground. My baby loves it as he gets to practice and move a lot. There are a lot of options to do such as the Ball pit, the rubber slides and many more!

Over the next weekend, I’m planning to bring his Dad with us so he’ll get a chance to experience this weekend activity at no cost at all.


Weekend Activities-Mom and Baby near the plants

Weekend Activities with the baby may also include a visit to the mall and just do some window shopping. That means, we just have to stroll or walk around without even buying something.

As a matter of fact, I usually do it when I get bored and I see that Little M is tired. However, when he sees the ceiling lights of the mall, he gets so excited. He loves looking around. He gets amazed with his surroundings. This usually helps me in calming him down after being woken up from a nap.

That’s when I realized that he really likes to be out. He has strong senses. He sees people walking around. He then gets excited!


Weekend Activities-Mom and Baby run

One fun way to enjoy the weekend is by joining a fun run or even a marathon. It may look hard to accomplish but it’s possible!

Last year, we did the Spartan Race and since I am 100 percent sure that I’m not able to do it this time with a baby, I decided to challenge myself and we joined a marathon with my baby.

By joining, you release that energy and the drive to finish a challenge. It’s very rewarding as you are already a winner the moment you took the plunge to participate.

Weekend Activities Blog Title


It’s our everyday activity and Little M loves it. He used to sleep while we go for stroller walks but now that he’s so curious about his environment, he’s wide awake while looking at his surroundings. We have a park that’s just around the corner and it’s easily accessible and we get to capture a beautiful view of the hills.

This is a no-cost weekend activity and you can even try different parks each weekend. As much as possible, bring water with you if you plan on walking long distances. Make sure to pack as well for a picnic if you like.

Essential Checklist-Baby smiling


Weekend Activities-Mom and Friend

2 weeks ago, I met up with my very good old friend. It’s nice to catch up and bring baby with you. It’s another way to revive old memories and chat about our present lives.

In addition, you can plan this weekend activity anywhere you like. It can be in a mall, a park or even at your friend’s house for a visit. It’s nice when you get to interact with others especially those who are close to your heart.

Plus, the baby will recognize faces and meeting up with friends will likely minimize that stranger anxiety of your little one.


Weekend Activities-Mom, Baby and dog at the mountains

As we love traveling and road trips, we thought of going to the mountains this summer. We live in a city just close to the Canadian Rockies. 

Thus, we are planning to spend some weekends at the mountains and we’re booked to see the Panorama, which we will be having a good view of some beautiful landscapes and a pool is just there to splash around.


Weekend Activities-women talking inside a market

I love to do this activity on a weekend especially that there are lots of them happening within the city.

Having a baby brought me to places such as these little markets and just this weekend, we actually went with our Mom and Baby friends. Seeing a variety of locally handcrafted materials and gifts make you feel excited to probably create your own in some way.

Your baby will likely enjoy listening to the music that’s playing, seeing a lot of displays and even interacting with other people. There’s so much to offer from the different vendors and you also get a chance to find gifts and items which you would not typically see from the stores.


Weekend Activities-Baby playing a ball

One weekend activity is to just chill and relax at home. It does not require an effort to go out.

However, ensure to spend quality time with the baby. Let him feel your presence by reading a book, practice sitting or standing and by talking and playing.

Actually, there are a lot of resources out there about indoor activities to do with the baby. This is something I am working on as I want to start our Montessori at Home journey as well.

However, taking it slow and having a break at home is also a great way to refresh yourself and be able to spend more time with the baby.

There you have it! My Top Weekend Activities that you can do with the baby. As a family, it’s a matter of finding time and having fun.  These are just a few and you can add more.  Make the most of your time by spending it together while creating wonderful memories with your baby. 

If you’re a Mom like me who had a baby during summer, check out some Postpartum activities to do with a Baby.

Essential Checklist-Baby smiling

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Lastly, if you need an Activity Planner and a Handbag Checklist, make sure to grab it so you’ll enjoy the fun and excitement with the family. It’s good to check items off and do a variety of activities with no hassle.

“Life is beautiful.  It’s about giving.  It’s about family.”

-Walt Disney

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