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Quote of the Day 007: The Performer

It’s Transformation Tuesday and today’s quote talks about being successful by doing your best.
Currently, we go to Mom and Baby Ballet class with my little one.  Have I ever done this before? Am I good at it? Am I comfortable to do it? Absolutely No.  It’s intimidating when it’s outside our comfort zone. Yet, my inner self is calling me to do it.  So I pushed myself.  I dance like no one’s watching.  I told myself it’s never too late to try something new.  I give my best and now we are enjoying every second of it. I am a winner.
Like most people, we tend to do something…less effort but expecting the best. We don’t realize we need a push. If you are working on something right now, do it with passion..with confidence..with belief that it’s probably the end.  If this is your last chance, are you ready to be a winner? Or are you just doing it just enough? How can you apply this quote in your life? What’s your story? I’d like to read your thoughts.

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