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50 Self-Care Ideas for First-Time Moms + Video

Self-Care ideas are not easy to find and as first-time moms, we all need it. No matter how strong or active you may be, it’s just hard to keep up while you take care of your little one 24/7.

Before diving in, I’d like to show you our Mom and Baby Dance Workout at home. I just wanted to share with you how possible it is to find time for yourself and at the same time, bond with your little one.

At this time of my update, Little M is now 20 months old. He’s almost half my size! But guess what…he loves every single moment of it.

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Finding time for ourselves is really vital to living a happy and fulfilling life. But we also need a push for some motivation and to find every single possible way of when and how to do it.

Motherhood is tough and the struggle is real!

I hope you enjoyed the video! I can’t wait to share to you more of our Mom and Baby Exercises and Family Fun Activities!


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It is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health. The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.-Oxford’s Dictionary

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It was our 2nd week of our Mom and Baby class with Mommy Connections Calgary and the topic struck me. We talked about Self-care Ideas with our guest speaker from Hopeful Horizons, Ashley Bishop Lapierre.

Aside from Self-Care, we were given leaflets wherein different values were noted. From there, we were asked to identify which values are important, more important and most important to us. It was a unique way of developing our senses. Surprisingly, we realized that as first-time moms, our values have changed! In fact, Self-Care and Values actually go hand in hand.

This is the reason why I’m loving each session of the week as we get to talk about different topics with a resource person giving us insights.

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If you’re a new mom like me, your world change after the baby is born and the transition period is tough. You’re a different entity now. You are now taking care of a tiny human who’s solely dependent on you. We often hear that the struggle is real and that is absolutely true!

Self-care is being neglected unintentionally. Admit it or not, we just couldn’t do it. It’s a struggle to know how to take care of yourself when you’re trying to juggle a million things at once. Plus, your priorities have changed. Once we have a child, we now think of the little child more than ourselves.


So I came up with a 7-day Self-Care Challenge to help guide you in your practice. There are no set rules. No one is in charge except yourself and being accountable to yourself is the best thing that you can do. Just show up and do one thing every day not to anyone else but for yourself.

-day Self-care Challenge Guide


Self-Care practices differ from each one of us. In here, I have split common Self-Care Ideas into five different dimensions to cover a holistic approach in your practice.

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This dimension of self-care talks about health, nutrition, movement, physical touch, and sexual needs. These practices increase your energy levels and boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

While on Maternity Leave, I’m trying my best to keep up with this aspect. I know it can be hard but somehow, I realized that the more I spend time to work on my physical health, the livelier I become for the rest of the day. In turn, it keeps me more active while I’m taking care of my baby.

Somehow, I have tried several Postpartum Fitness Ideas such as a Mom & Baby Ballet class in Balletiques and had a couple of massage appointments from Same Stars Wellness. These truly helped me as I take a break from my baby. It’s refreshing and it boosts the positive energy in me.



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    Ways to practice Physical Self-Care:

    1. Create a morning routine of drinking water first thing in the morning
    2. Go for a Massage
    3. Eat Nutritious meals
    4. Try Zumba dancing at home
    5. Try a new workout routine
    6. Take a bubble bath or shower
    7. Sleep when your baby sleeps
    8. Cuddles with your partner
    9. Visit the Nails and Hair Salon
    10. Go for a walk

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    If you want to find a balance between your mind, body, and soul, mental self-care practices can help significantly. When we are full of positivity and we learn new information, we expand our knowledge which motivates our happier self.

    Moreover, give yourself a break and enhance your creativity. This leads to continual learning and personal development. Don’t limit yourself but take time to slow down as well.

    Ways to practice Mental Self-Care

    1. Listen to a Motivational podcast
    2. Read a book
    3. Listen to your favorite music
    4. Learn a new language
    5. Watch a TED Talk series on positivity
    6. Practice meditation
    7. Practice Breathing Exercises
    8. Declutter your room and workspace
    9. Minimize Social Media time
    10. Try this 7-Day Self-Care Challenge with Self-Affirmations
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    Emotional Health is very important when we talk about Self-Care. It cultivates a deeper meaning of ourselves. Maintaining and creating new relationships help us cope challenges especially during the postpartum period.

    In the emotional aspect, we also understand ourselves more as we develop and nourish healthy relationships not only with friends but with family and loved ones. In addition, we cultivate a greater sense of compassion, kindness, and love for ourselves and others.

    Ways to practice Emotional Self-Care:

    1. Write down Self-Affirmations
    2. Write a Gratitude List
    3. Start a Journal
    4. Ask for help
    5. Connect with a long-time friend
    6. Go for Paint Nite
    7. Go for a date with your spouse/ partner
    8. Forgive someone in conflict
    9. Join meetups with other Mom friends
    10. Go for a Weekend Trip
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    Our Spiritual Aspect often gets neglected. This dimension encompasses the values and beliefs in life. Dedicating your time to practice spiritual ways opens your mind to find your life’s purpose. It helps you find greater meaning on why you exist every day and it creates a deeper connection to oneself. Even if you’re not religious, it’s still important to make a connection with the spiritual aspect somehow.

    Ways to practice Spiritual Self-Care

    1. Start Practicing Yoga
    2. Try meditation exercises
    3. Volunteer in a local organization
    4. Go for a nature walk
    5. Deep Breathing exercises
    6. Connect with your church community
    7. Pray
    8. Read a Book
    9. Mind setting
    10. Try a Self-Love Challenge
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    Social connection creates a sense of belonging. If you’re a new mom like me, it has been a huge help to connect with the Mom community. I am happy I was able to create friendships with other first-time moms and we are able to talk about our experiences with no judgment.

    It really takes a village. As we go to different classes with my little one, I get to know others who can totally relate as a first-time mom.

    Ways to practice Social Self-Care

    1. Join a work out class
    2. Walk with friends
    3. Organize a family dinner or gathering
    4. Meet up with the extended family during the holidays
    5. Reach out to old friends
    6. Join a Support Group
    7. Accept invitations and attend special occasions
    8. Visit the Recreation center and meet new people
    9. Go the local library and connect with your community
    10. Talk to your neighbor


    Self-Care ideas Blog Title


    There you have it. Set 10-15 minutes every day and give yourself some love by doing one Self-Care idea each day.

    Now that you’ve learned about the dimensions of self-care and ways to practice them, think about how you might start and create it as a routine.

    Remember, when you become unhappy or exhausted, it also affects the people around you. As first-time moms, Motherhood and Parenting can drain you and if you don’t set a routine to give yourself a break, it can likely make you lose control. We don’t want that.

    Start setting your goals now and take action. Again, you’re not doing this to anyone but to yourself.


    Self-Care Challenge Title-Woman doing yoga

    “Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.”
    – Etty Hillesum

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    • workingmamabear17

      This is an amazing list! I absolutely love how you break down the different categories of self care. It makes it much easier to find something, instead of seeing just a long list of things to do; what a great idea. If you don’t mind, I would LOVE to cite this post in one of my self-care posts for moms!
      Thank you for the encouragement and wonderful self-care ideas.
      Melissa of Working Mama Bear

    • Charlotte Petit Noble

      Absolutely love your post. So many easy ideas to take care of ourselves. Thank you for sharing your experience. Such an inspiring post.

    • cheerstolifeblogging

      loveeee the video workout!! I remember when I used to do those type of workouts when my son was a baby… he’s 6 now so he just joins in next to me & copes everything I do haha

    • Abby

      Aww my little girl is 20 months old now too and I know she’d love to be on me while I do such a fun workout! Too cute!
      And I love these tips. I’ve been craving a massage for months now 😄

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