6 Tips to create a stunning Maternity Photography Session

Maternity Photography is becoming popular nowadays. Whether you want it done for a keepsake of your beautiful bump or a celebration as a couple, you’ll definitely need Maternity Photography Ideas to create a stunning look and outcome.

A Pregnant woman holding her newborn's ultrasound photo for the Maternity Photoshoot

“A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty”-Unknown

It’s 10:59 pm in the still of the night; in the cold breeze of winter. I got this chance to sit back and relax when I found these images and realized they are part of little M’s story.

I was on my 35th week of pregnancy when we did this photoshoot. I had 2-5 weeks left and I could possibly deliver my little one. We were so delighted to go on a short road trip to Forget me not pond in Bragg Creek and escape for the last time. The memories we had will forever be cherished.

Pregnant woman with journals

As I looked back into these photos, I asked myself what inspired us to do this? How did we choose the theme? What was our purpose? Do we have to do a Maternity Photography session? Was it practical? Was it worth it?

Couple's hands with baby's shoes for the Maternity Photography session

While it might seem too much to have a session for Maternity Photography, I consider it as my 3rd-trimester milestone.  I understand that not everyone is a fan of the camera, but I know for the fact that this period will pass and there will never be the same exact moment as this.  I love to take and keep photos.  For me, it’s a wonderful way to embrace pregnancy and motherhood.  Thanks to ZRM Studio for capturing these moments.  Whether you splurge with a professional or DIY at home, here are few of the tips we applied:

Couple holding their hands under the rays of the sun for the Maternity Photography session

1. Timing and Schedule

It’s mostly recommended that the photoshoot takes place around the 32nd-36th week. In that way, your bump is noticeable and you’ll feel proud to show it off. However, going near your due date might pose a risk and you’ll end up not doing one.  Hitting the 9th month can also be challenging when it comes to traveling, positioning and posing.

Mom holding baby's ultrasound report for the Maternity photography session

2. Location and Theme

The photographer’s “golden hour”.  What it means is that if you prefer doing outdoors, schedule it 90 minutes before sunset to have the best lighting.  I remember we rescheduled this shoot twice since we wanted it during the sunset hour.   But, we have to weigh it with the location.  I opt to do it near the lake and to do that, we have to be there in the morning.  So we did.  Basically, my theme was a landscape with a combination of water and the mountain as the background. We love outdoors and a close connection with nature was what I’ve pictured it out.  If you can find a suitable area where it would be comfortable for you to sit down or even lay down, you can create a unique outdoor maternity portrait.

Pregnant woman on the ground for the Maternity Photography

3. Hair and Make Up

I suggest having at least some makeup. Consider getting your hair and makeup done professionally, or even DIY if you’re able to.  Keep it simple yet elegant (unless you’re going for high-fashion —then add more glamour to it!). In addition, be prepared for some touch ups. During our shoot, we didn’t expect it was a windy day that all I’ve been doing was fixing my curls. It was the unfortunate part of the shoot.

Hair of the woman for the Maternity Photography session

4. Maternity Outfit

A maxi, a ruffled or an off-shoulder dress. Stay away from polka dots, patterns, and flashy tones. A plain-coloured dress looks fabulous when captured. You might want to wear pink for a baby girl and blue for a boy, or whatever is appealing to you.  Some photographers advise not wearing black as it can be unfavorable to the camera. Pick a long, bright dress and you will look stunning! You can also put a little twist by having a slit for the bump to show off. 

Husband hugging his pregnant wife for the Maternity Photography session

5. Right Angle

If you’re having your husband or partner with you, have them hug behind your back. It signifies you’re both ready to embrace this new chapter and an addition to your family.  Pictures snapped from the side at a 45-degree angle can be pleasing. Photographers also like to take a shot at eye level or at a distance with a blur on one end. It creates an interesting visual story. 

Couple sitting down with a dog pose for the Maternity Photography

6. Photographer

Lastly, choose the right photographer if you want it done professionally.  Ensure you have a connection. Someone who can guide, initiate and has attention to details. Respect is important so it’s your choice and your level of comfort that is considered. As per Erik Johnson of Picture Correct, the Top 10 qualities of a great photographer may include Ambitious nature, detail oriented, coordination, creativity, legal knowledge, a knack for marketing, networking know-how, a mind for business, people person and the technical skills! 

Pregnant woman posing for the Maternity Photography session

So there you have it!  It’s not all about the camera.  Enhance the beauty of pregnancy. Let this be your tale as a Mother.  Whether you are having your first baby or not, there’s nothing like going outdoors for a beautiful maternity photo shoot.

Blog Graphic Title for the Maternity Photography session

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