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“A New Orientation” by Maria Montessori: Chapter 4

It’s been 2 weeks that I haven’t written about the Absorbent Mind book. Lots of exciting stuff are coming soon and it got me a little bit behind on this specific topic. However, I want to get back on track and continue what I have started: our Weekly Reading.

In this Chapter, we’ll tackle about “A new orientation”. Dr.Maria Montessori wants to emphasize the impact of what we call “The Motherly Instincts” to her child. Here are some few lines that struck me most:

Boy laughing with a book in his hand

“The child progresses towards life because the purpose of the child is the construction of man in the fullness of his strength and in the fullness of his life.”

“So the whole life of the child is progress towards perfection, a progress of ever greater achievement.”

Baby climbing from his crib

“No one can do the work that the child does in order to construct the man that he has to construct.”

“It seems as if there were a reversal of instinct in all animals when they have young ones to protect.”

Baby splashing with water

“When they have young ones, this instinct of self-preservation changes into an instinct of protection for the young.”

Mom and Baby kisses

“In every form of animal life, there will be found two sets of instincts: one set for self-protection and another set of instincts for the protection of the lives of their young.”

“The main factor of the survival of the species is the love that the adults feel for their young.”

Mom and Baby in the garden

“Each one is endowed with different kinds of protective instincts; each one is endowed with a different kind of intelligence and all this intelligence is expended for the protection of the young.”

“It is in the sentiments that nature has put in the hearts of parents that the reason is to be found for the spiritual strength of previous generations.”

Baby’s cute little fingers

“In the psychic field, maternal love is a force, it is one of the forces of nature.”

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Mom playing with the baby

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