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Thanks for joining me! I am so thrilled and excited that you have taken your first step in creating more joy and happiness in Motherhood, Parenting, and Life in general.

Who am I and Why I’m here?

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My name is Mitchelle and I am the face behind the MamaBuzz blog. I am a first-time mom of a little man and a wife of a traveler and adventure-seeker person like me. I am a nurse by profession and I am the Founder,Creator, and Owner of MamaBuzz Creations.

As you know, it’s not easy to be living with a little human who is dependent in your hands. What if I tell you that this is just the beginning?

While on Maternity Leave, I realized I wanted to connect with others and provide inspiration by doing what you love and at the same time, spending it with your little ones. That’s when I came up with the MamaBuzz blog.

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MamaBuzz is a Mom and Baby Lifestyle blog where Mom Life keeps buzzing with Activities filled with Self-Care Ideas, Family Adventures and Inspiration.

The blog aims to share some positive vibes to the community in order to thrive the busy, yet rewarding life of motherhood. I want to inspire others on how to balance MomLife and Wellness with kids.

In here, you will find me buzzing positively with Recreational Activities, Family Fun Ideas, and Early Childhood Learning. I am also happy to share stories related to Health and Wellness, Family Travel, Adventure and all things Motherhood-related.

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Prior to becoming a mom, I’ve always been an optimistic individual who strives to promote positivity amidst all the challenges that surround me.

Now that reality of parenting has set in me, I’ve told myself that I need to keep the momentum going by staying motivated in spite of all the sleepless nights, the cries, and the tiring days that keep on repeating.

Come join me as I move along this beautiful journey. I may not have the full insight and experiences as compared with other moms but my goal is to keep the busy life of moms keep buzzing in a positive way. Enjoy and spread some Positivity!

“Love what you do and it will love you back”

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