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Baby Bath: How to Give a Caring Bath To A Newborn?

Are you a first time mom and is anxious on how to give your newborn a safe baby bath?

I was once in your shoes! In today’s post, our guest blogger, Rachel, shares with us her simple yet practical tips to care for your newborn during a baby bath. Here it is.

You might think that the first baby bath is going to be difficult. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will feel prepared and less anxious about making all the necessary preparations for a proper baby bath.

It is an important task that will require care and attention from your side besides buying the best baby shampoo and wash.

Let’s go through all the crucial factors.

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Practical Tips

The first thing that you have to check before bathing a baby is the presence of the umbilical cord stump. Usually, it falls off in the first 3 weeks. If it’s still there, then only a sponge bath is allowed.


baby in a bath tub

Care of the Umbilical Cord

1.   Lay some baby bath towels right on the floor and make sure you have a flat surface near to lay the baby on it. Water must not have contact with the umbilical cord.

2.   Until the cord has fallen off, you can try top& tail bathing in a baby bath tub. Carefully lay the baby on the smooth, flat, and soft surface that you have prepared previously.

3.  Wrap your kiddo warmly and take out only one limb at a time and proceed to wash it gently. After washing it, pat it dry and continue with the other limbs, one by one, in the same fashion.

Just in case you accidentally get water on the umbilical cord, immediately take a clean towel or some cotton balls and pat it dry.


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The Bathing Process

After the umbilical cord has fallen, it’s time to give the baby’s first bath. What are the steps? Be sure to stick around.

1. Gather your supplies

Before starting the bathing process, make sure you have all the necessary items ready and prepared. The main items would be:

  1. a baby bathtub filled with warm water
  2. two smooth towels
  3. a soft sponge or flannel
  4. a brush, cotton balls, and
  5. a baby bath seat

You can even place a towel on the bottom of the bathtub, just to make sure it’s soft enough for the baby.

2. Entertain your baby

A good tip is to ask your partner to entertain your child by singing or showing him some bath toys for baby while you take care of the washing part. This should make the whole process an enjoyable one for a newborn and an easy one for you.

3. Check the Temperature

If you are wondering what temperature should baby bath water be at, you can use your elbow as it is a sensible area. And the newborn’s skin is way more sensitive than ours, so the baby bath temperature is an essential factor.

4. Hold Gently

Use a very soft hold when you are gently washing the skin of your baby because you don’t want to take any risks when applying soap on his skin.

Make sure you wash his nappy and genital area firmly but gently at the same time, then you can slowly move to clean its feet, hand, toes, fingers, and gaps between toes. These would be the places where you are most likely to find dirt.

5. Massage the head with shampoo

In case your kid was born with hair on its head, then you have to apply some baby shampoo and gently massage it before rinsing it off. Take extra care when rinsing, as you don’t want any shampoo left on your baby’s skin. In this case, you are risking the appearance of a rash or some other kind of infection.

When Should You Bathe Your Baby?

hand washing

If we are talking about how often to give baby a bath, in case you have a newborn, then the appropriate interval between baths would be somewhere around 2 or 3 times a week. You won’t really have a reason to do it more often, because they won’t get so dirty at that age.

What’s important is that you keep the face, hands, and nappy area very well cleaned to avoid any germs. A good tip is to plan bathing sessions at night because newborns tend to feel calmer, more comfortable, and relaxed after a baby bath. This will help them get a complete and good sleep overall

Cleaning the Bathtub

The last step you have to learn is how to clean baby bath tub as it needs to be sanitized after each bath session with great care and attention.

The first thing is to take out all the bath mats and wipe it with a sponge before adding a special tub-cleaning solution used only for baby bathtubs.

After the solution has taken effect, you have to wipe it with a bleach solution and wait for 5 minutes to go into effect. The last step is to rinse with warm water and make sure you thoroughly rinsed it.

Mom washing the baby


Giving the first baby bath can be challenging, but if you are prepared with all the information and all the necessary items, all you have to is execute the steps in the correct order.

We are fully aware that it can be a scary process for new parents, as it is an understandable emotion to go through.

If you apply all the tips and tricks that we have described above, it should be a breeze, and it will slowly become a favorite activity for the little one.

How did your first baby bath go, and what advice do you have for the fresh parents? We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


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