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    Quote of the Day: Change

    Quote of the Day:” Change is merely not necessary to life. It is life”-Alvin Toffler During these uncertain times, there’s one common thing that everyone is adapting-Change. Some of the changes that I experience myself revolve around social distancing, virtual meetings, working from home, and being able to adapt in a rapidly changing environment and recommendations & decisions. As we go through these moments, I realize that yes, change is merely not necessary to life-It is life” It is what makes us safe. It is what helps us think about the vulnerable people. There’s no playbook and we all have to adapt. As a healthcare worker myself, I am thankful…

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    From Postpartum Isolation to Community Connections: It Takes a Village

    “It’s the beginning of your journey and it will never be the same as you’ve expected.  There are things that will naturally come out without you knowing.  There are things that nobody has told you and you wish you have known. But you are strong.  You are enough.  You are a Mother.” Are you one of the many mamas who experienced postpartum isolation and felt the need to connect? I remember the quote above. I wrote this when I started the blog last year with the post “Transition to Motherhood: where do I begin? It’s a fresh start!“ It truly takes a village. From my own experience, I knew I…

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    How to Find Coupon Codes for Matching Shirt Discounts

    Right from its name, Mama Buzz Creations has indicated its vision. It’s your One-Stop-Shop that provides cute, unique, and matching designs for Moms and Babies, Dads and Babies, Couples and even for the whole family! It also comes with a Mom and Baby Lifestyle blog that aims to build a community where stories are shared related to Activities, Self-Care Ideas, Family Fun, and Inspiration. It’s obviously dedicated to the entire family, helping you balance Mom Life and Wellness! Vision/ Mission VisionAt MamaBuzz Creations, we aim to connect and provide you with lasting memories by using our Unique and Custom Designs that match your needs. MissionProviding unique experiences for families to…

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    Top 7 Benefits of Outdoor Play for Toddlers

    Do you have a toddler and you’re facing some challenges on how to engage him for outdoor play? What type of activities do you currently implement in order to build his interests? In reality, playing outside provides opportunities for young children to experience the world with all of their senses. Experiences through quality outdoor play have a great influence and effect on their brain growth and development and create strong foundations for their future. But children do not necessarily know and realize this. As adults, we have a role to deliver and part of this responsibility is to provide them with opportunities in order to gain the key benefits of outdoor play.…

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    35 Best Work-Life Balance Tips for Busy Moms

    “You Can Have It All. You Just Can’tHave It All At Once”- Oprah Winfrey Have you ever thought of losing your own work-life balance ‘coz it just gets busier every single day? Whether you’re a Working mom, a Stay at Home Mom, a Business Owner, a Blogger, or a Coach, it all plays a common thing-we’re all BUSY. As a first-time mom, things have changed since I got back from Maternity Leave. I’m no longer thinking about myself…I have another person who’s dependent on me from changing diapers, changing clothes, feeding, dropping off and picking up at the Dayhome, and setting up play dates, it’s not easy at all. Truth…

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    Sassy, Smart & Simple: Top Productivity Secrets Revealed

    International Women’s Day is coming up and we just passed the leap year day! As you know, I am all about sharing stories of women who have touched our lives and has served a purpose and inspiration to others. In January, you have read the post “It’s not hard to be real: Tips from the R.E.A.L Biz Mom Founder” followed by our February Feature: “Top Tips and Tricks from the Author of Bedtime: the Ultimate Battle”. What is MomStar of the Month all about? MomStar of the Month shares inspirational stories of women, no matter what background, ethnicity or race; has a great career or not, is a first-time mom or…

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    5 Best Ways To Practice Self-Care as a Breastfeeding Mom

    Have you been struggling with the idea of finding time for yourself as a breastfeeding mom? Any challenges of making yourself a priority while taking care of your little one? Have you been feeling exhausted because you feel like weaning the baby off but it’s just so hard! You are not alone. As Little M has grown and is now on his 18th month, I thought of telling myself that I failed. I failed with my own expectations because reality didn’t dive in. As a first-time mom, I initially set my goal to end my breastfeeding journey by the time my son turns one. Did it happen? Of course not.…

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    Best Travel Tips When Flying With A Baby

    Let me tell you…you’re going on a trip soon and you’re searching for the Best Travel Tips When Flying with a baby. You have a newborn and a tot yet you aren’t exactly sure what to prepare and expect. Sounds crazy right? Now that you have a tiny human with you, the thought of traveling across and outside the country may sound overwhelming. It may require so much planning and organization to complete your whole family’s bucket list with the addition of a baby.  Surprisingly, if you have a system in place and you know what you need and what your baby needs, you’ll be able to handle the journey.…

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    9 Creative Ways To Exercise As A Busy Mom

    Every year, we come up with our own personal goals and finding time to exercise is one of them. With MomLife in the way, it’s not easy at all! Not everyone is successful in this aspect as we all have different priorities as busy moms. It’s a struggle isn’t it? In today’s post, our MomBlogger shares to us 9 Creative Ways to Exercise as a Busy Mom. Read this inspiring post and hopefully we can all gain new ideas from her and be able to practice it at home! Here it is. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: 10 TIPS ON FINDING TIME TO EXERCISE AS A BUSY MOM If you’re a…

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    Top Tips and Tricks From The Author of Bedtime, The Ultimate Battle.

    January has gone so fast and I couldn’t believe how this month flew with just a blink of an eye! I have been busy with work and Local Markets and I didn’t realize that we’re halfway through this month! Of course, the pattern goes on and on for me with Work, Eat, Sleep, repeat! As you know, I love featuring amazing Mamas in my blog and in January, you have checked out our R.E.A.L Biz Mom with the post: “It’s not hard to be real: Tips from the Founder of the R.E.A.L. Biz Moms”. Today, our featured MomStar of the Month is Melissa Guida-Richards, a strong Mom of 2, an…

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    12 Calgary Shops and Businesses That You Need To Check This Year!

    In the first quarter of 2019, I started this blog to share my journey while figuring out motherhood. With zero experience of web & graphic design, freelancing, and marketing, I actually created this blog from scratch. It was exactly on February 1st that I created this website, followed by my first post “Who am I and Why I’m here?”. I didn’t even know what I was doing. I didn’t know how blogging really works. Obviously, it’s just a hobby for me. In less than a year, MamaBuzz has evolved from Blog to Biz! MamaBuzz Creations was officially launched in October 2019. It is your One-Stop Shop for Matching Shirts and…

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    It’s Not Hard To Be Real: Tips from the Founder of the R.E.A.L. Biz Moms

    Hey! Hey! It’s the start of the year and it means…it’s MomStar of the Month again! First of all, I am so psyched to start 2020 by sharing with you more uplifting stories of women who are living the life that they truly deserved. It’s not easy to be a Mother and it’s not easy to juggle MomLife, Wellness, Business, Career, and Kids. Whatever the buzz of life is about, each one of us deserves recognition, empowerment, authenticity, and love. Last week, I shared with you my Year-end Review in the MamaBuzz Hive and I realized, I even missed one more milestone since I started this blog! I was interviewed…

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    How to Make Time To What Matters Most

    Have you ever felt the need to have your own quiet time and reflect on what truly matters? Have you ever thought of finding balance within yourself and do you ever invest in your own priorities? What are some of the ways that you have done to conquer this? As I was researching for related articles, I got this statement from one of the articles of the Happy Wives Club which is Living your Eulogy:How to Make Time for what Matters Most. It says: “Take a moment to have a glass of wine with the ones you love, toast to the breath of life, and commit to begin tomorrow different…

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    2019 Year-end Review in the MamaBuzz Hive

    Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope you celebrated the holidays in the best way possible and with your loved ones.  Last December, I was crazy busy with Holiday Markets! This put my blogging presence a little laid back. After launching my shop in the end of October, I was able to join 4 Local Holiday Markets! Isn’t it amazing? I consider this as one of my big successes of 2019 after 8 months of blogging. Yes, I made it happen! It all started from scratch with zero knowledge in Blogging, Web design, Graphic design, Marketing and Business! It was truly a Blog to Biz Year for…

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    Quote of the Day 037: The Choice

    Quote of the Day: ”Falling down is an accident; Staying down is a choice” As we’re getting near the New Year, I hope you’ll have the time to reflect on the things that went right and wrong in 2019. It may not be good to some but we all have a choice: to stay down or get up! Which patch are you taking? What would you do differently? Share your thoughts! Happy Friday! ❤️