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How to Improve Your Personal Development for Success

Have you ever felt so stuck in your life that your own personal development is in a complete freeze? Have you thought of ways to enhance your skills and embrace your passion? Are you failing to meet your goals?

Kimora, a health and wellness lifestyle blogger is here with us to share her most valuable insights about finding ourselves and improving our own potentials. She aims to motivate and inspire others in different ways to achieve our personal development aspirations. Here it is.

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Let me ask you a question. Are you a firm believer in the idea that there is always room for self-improvement? Do you believe that no matter how much of ourselves we are putting out in the universe that we are never giving 100%? That we are never truly living up to our full potential?

Whether you answered yes or no to these questions is going to set the tone for what you’re about to get out of reading this blog post.

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However, before we dive a little deeper into the reasoning behind these questions, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We are never living up to our full potential on any given day.

No matter how hard of a worker we may be, how committed to something we are, or how much of ourselves we believe we are giving to the universe, we are never truly living up to our full potential. I know this may sound a little crazy, and while I don’t have any scientific facts to support this notion, it’s something that I believe to be true deep in my gut.

And here’s why.

If we were living up to our full potential on a daily basis, everybody would be successful.

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Success can and is defined in many different ways, but for the purpose of this post we’ll define success as living the life that you want, and having everything in life that you want. No stress, no worries, no desire to strive for anything more because you literally have everything that you want.

If we lived in a world like this everyone who ever wanted to have their own business would have one, any dream anybody ever dreamed would be their reality, we would all have our dream house(s) and dream car(s)…we would have everything that we want.

All 7.53 billion of us.

But that’s not the case and that’s not the world we are living in.


In my honest opinion not only can everybody not have everything that they want because it somehow disrupts the balance of nature, but also because we’re not living up to our full potential.


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So those who are living their dream life, and have pretty much everything they want (even though they really don’t) are just giving a little bit more of themselves to the universe in a given moment in order to achieve those things…but even they aren’t giving 100% of themselves.


Don’t feel bad about this at all. You are not alone in this we are a literally in this together! And because we are all in the same boat when it comes to living up to our full potential, I thought it would be helpful to share some ways in which we all can give a little bit more of ourselves not only to the universe, but to ourselves as well, in order to achieve more of the things we want in life.


I’m talking about diving deep into working on bettering your own personal development in order to be as successful as you can possibly be.

Check out my 5 top Ways to Improve Your Personal Development now!

1. Learn as much as possible

You can never know too much. I really do believe this. I believe that everyday there is something new to be learned, and learning doesn’t always come from the books we have in school.

We live in a very diverse world and are constantly surrounded by people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Therefore, there’s no way we could ever possibly know it all! There’s always something that we are not as educated about as we may think we are, or something that we just generally lack knowledge about.

This isn’t a bad thing or anything to be ashamed or embarrassed about. In fact, I think this is something to embrace.

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Embrace the fact that there is so much out there to learn about, that you could never stop learning, and use that power, that opportunity, to your advantage.

People who just shut themselves off from the world and from learning anything from other people are the type of people who are not happy in life, and struggle with being successful.

This is because they literally think that there’s nothing the world or anyone who lives in it can teach them. All too often I run into people like this on a daily basis.

Whether it’s at Starbucks waiting for my hot chocolate or strawberry frappuccino (that’s all I literally drink from there), while I’m in Target shopping and ear hustling at the same time, or waiting at a red light and I can hear the conversation taking place in the car next to me, I’m exposed to people who think they know it all daily.

And the reality is that they don’t know it all. Don’t be that person. Don’t shut yourself off from all the opportunities that can make you a better human. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to work on our personal development.

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By simply being open to learning and viewing the world with a curious mind. Accepting that there are things out there that you never knew you never knew (😉) and making the conscious decision to learn more about them.

Even if that’s all you do is learn about it, that’s better than just choosing not to.

With knowledge comes power.

There’s no knowledge in this world that can’t propel us forward, so learn as much as you can, make lemonade out of lemons, and watch your life change for the better.


2. Know your strengths and weaknesses

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No matter how talented or creative we may be at something new that this does not mean we are good at everything. A big advantage to success is knowing your strengths and weakness.

What areas do you excel in? What areas may need improvement? Knowing these things about yourself can help set the tone for the type of goals you make in life, and it’s a great way to plan a foundation for your own success story.

For example, I’m a writer. I love to write, I’ve always loved to write, and I know one way that I can reach people is with my words.

However, I’m not so great with talking in front of people, I get really nervous, I talk way louder than what is necessary, and I lose my train of thought all the time.

So, I stick to just writing the things that need to be said. As you can see writing is a strength of mine, while public speaking of any kind is a weakness.

Having knowledge about yourself about things as simple as this is going to set you apart from everyone else right from jump. This is because you are going to recognize parts of you that will help you thrive in life, and parts of you that may potentially hold you back.

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While the goal is never to ignore your weaknesses and be fooled into thinking that they can never be used to your advantage in some way, you should capitalize on your strengths when you are able to. This is a great way to work on improving your personal development because it shows the world and yourself what you are capable of.

This can also motivate you to turn your weaknesses into strengths. You know the old saying you’re as strong as your weakest link? Well same mindset applies here. You’re as strong as your weaknesses and if you choose to not let your weaknesses hold you back in life, then there’s no reason why you can’t achieve your idea of what it means to be successful.


3. Play hard but work harder

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There’s not even much to say about this, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Don’t become married to having to work in order to achieve your goals. Give yourself some downtime, treat yourself to something fun every once in a while, and take a day off from working.

I know a lot of people adopt this whole mindset that you have to work tirelessly day in and day out in order to be successful, and even when you reach that level of success you still have to work hard in order to maintain it.

While I’m not disagreeing with the fact that hard work does equal success, I’m also not advocating for working yourself to the bone.

I believe that success is a balance of everything. A balance of work, your personal life, your family life, your health, and of course your wellness. You can’t put everything into one basket and expect yourself to thrive without ever burning out!

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If anything, this reverses the idea of improving your personal development in the sense that you’re not really improving, you’re just living.


Improve your personal development by giving yourself some leisure time. Don’t be afraid to be social with your friends, to step away from work every hour for 5 minutes, or to get anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep every night, because these are essential parts of just being healthy and taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

However, don’t take that leisure time and just run with it either. Be sure to work just as hard as you are at relaxing.

In fact, you should be working hard so that the relaxing moments are all the more enjoyable. It goes hand in hand.

Give as much as you can without burning out and then truly be present in those moments of relaxation so that you can properly recharge to do it all again.


4. Engage in self-care routinely

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I’m a huge advocate for self-care and I don’t think this is ever something that should be taken for granted.

Everyone has their own definition of what self-care is and what it looks like, but the bottom line is that self-care is the act of being kind and loving to yourself.

Whether this is a spa day, doing yoga, going on a hike, meditating for 30 minutes, hanging out with your friends, doing something creative, or just lounging around the house binge-watching TV shows all day, treat yourself.

Make a routine of this. Whether that means you’re doing self-care every week or every night before bed, you need to create a routine. This not only helps in re-centering yourself but it’s also a constant reminder that you are a priority.


We get so caught up in working towards something that we tend to forget that we have needs that need to be met as well. This hinders our personal development because we aren’t taking the time to noticed parts of us that aren’t actively growing.

No matter how you define self-care and what that may look like to you, just be sure to do it. Make a habit of it and be consistent with it. When you do so you’ll come to discover that you will thrive in life in ways you never thought possible, and your life will transform for the better as a result of it.


5. Never get lazy

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Last but most certainly not least never, ever get lazy.

Just as the whole idea of you can never know too much encourages you to learn as much as possible, the whole idea of never getting lazy will encourage you to always stay on your toes.

Don’t get this confused with working yourself tirelessly because that’s not what this is. While you do need to give yourself downtime and recovery days, you also have to remain productive even in those spare moments of relaxing.

There is never a moment in the day when you can’t be doing something to propel your dreams forward. Whether that’s keeping a notebook close by to write all your ideas down as they pop into your head while watching TV, or even just brainstorming the many different ways you can launch something off the ground while getting a massage, there is never an opportunity that can’t be used to your advantage. And when those opportunities arrive jump at them.


Don’t just watch them pass you by. Instead, grab hold of them and make whatever you are able to make out of them. Sometimes it may be exactly what you may have been looking for, such as meeting someone who specializes in getting businesses of the ground.

Other times it may just be something that you can use to your advantage, such as discovering a blog that’s all about improving your personal development.

Whatever the case may be, never get lazy.

Personal Development is all about personal growth and when we recognize the things in life that can make us better humans and better creators, then we are allowing ourselves to blossom into something more beautiful than before.


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While we may not be able to live up to our full potential on a daily basis, there’s still no reason why we shouldn’t be working on improving ourselves in any way possible.

There’s always room for improvement.

We may never truly have everything that we want in life but we can come pretty close to it if we’re willing to put in the hard work to get it. Just remember to balance everything out.

Work hard but play hard as well by being loving and kind to yourself.

You define what it means to be successful and then notice the parts of you that need improvement in order to help you get there. You may not be giving 100% of yourself, but you’ll be giving a lot more than what others are giving to the universe. And that counts for something.

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  • Holly

    Love this post! I’ve only really been diving into personal development the past few years and wow! It has made such a difference. We all need to walk into our full potential. Thanks for the info! 😊

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    This is a great post filled with tons of tips! I completely agree with #2 above, knowing our strengths and weaknesses is super important to achieve success.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Amira at A Self Guru

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