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How to Make Time To What Matters Most

Have you ever felt the need to have your own quiet time and reflect on what truly matters?

Have you ever thought of finding balance within yourself and do you ever invest in your own priorities?

What are some of the ways that you have done to conquer this?

As I was researching for related articles, I got this statement from one of the articles of the Happy Wives Club which is Living your Eulogy:How to Make Time for what Matters Most. It says:

Take a moment to have a glass of wine with the ones you love, toast to the breath of life, and commit to begin tomorrow different than you began today.

-Fawn Weaver, Founder of the Happy Wives Club

In today’s blog post, our guest blogger, Rebecca, from ModavateCoaching.com is a Health & Lifestyle Coach and is here to share to us her passion in helping women feel empowered and tune in to their bodies. She’s here to help other women show up for themselves like never before.

Here it is.

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Investing in yourself, also means you’re investing in those around you like your family.

It’s not selfish to prioritize yourself, it’s selfish not to take care of yourself.

Your kids need a healthy mom.

Your kids need a happy mom.

Taking care of yourself is THE priority.


I get it, you’re busy.

I am too! Having an almost 4-year-old princess and 2 week old adds a whole new level of craziness to our already busy life!!


– It can be overwhelming.

– You may not know where to start or confused by what’s out there.

You have to MAKE the time.

I know. I get it. HOW? 

– The reality of finding the time!!? What time?

It all comes down to the path you follow and who you envision yourself to be.

I’ve done the first part for you, I’ve created my path and can now pull you through the weeds so you can find yours.

It’s time to start modeling to your kids what happiness, joy and fueling yourself looks like. 

After all, they follow in your footsteps. 

Do you want them to follow the path of a worn down, depressed, angry, frustrated mom?

Or, do you want them to follow a path of happiness, joy, lit the fk up and living life to the fullest?

It’s your choice.

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One of the most common things people ask me is how I get everything done in my day and still make the time for me, for my kids, for Marky, to make dinner, clean – everything else.

When I’m asked this I respond with a question, of course, what matters to you? What do you prioritize?

Of course, your kids and your family matter to you and they’re high on the list if not number one. Then it’s usually work because of course the bills have to get paid. Then it’s usually clean or errands or the kid’s activities or help mom or dad etc.


Why are those your priorities?  Most people say, “because that’s what matters in life.” 

I agree with that – to an extent.

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The difference between me getting all those magical things done and you wondering how in the hell I do it is this – I know what matters to ME. 

I don’t let others control my day. I don’t let others take my power.

If that means I need to get up at 5 am (which I do) then so be it.

If that’s really the only way I know I’ll get my journaling, my mindset work, my workout in, brush my teeth and show up for my clients then that’s what I’m going to do.

Taking care of me first and doing my non-negotiables first thing means I’m taken care of, I’m thriving, and there’s no excuse standing between me and my dreams.

Once I’m taken care of and my soul is filled, I wake up my daughter and my husband and get all of our days started.

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Yes, I’m a mom, a wife, a business owner of a service-based business. I wear a lot of different hats just like you. 

My challenge to you now is this – stop and think about what’s important to YOU. What matters to YOU? I mean actually fking matters.

I want you to stop what you’re doing and freaking tune in to yourself and ask those questions before you continue on with your busy day, your busy life. 

Stop and think about what matters to you most right now.


Do you truly know what matters? 

Do you know what your priorities are for yourself? In your life? In your business?

Are you actually prioritizing your priorities?

If you can go to bed each night saying YES to that – yes I did what mattered most to me today – then it doesn’t matter how much you DON’T get done. 

Every moment counts. All of them. AND that doesn’t mean you need to fill every waking moment with stuff to do. 

Investing in yourself is not hard: how to make time-woman sipping cup of coffee

I’m not telling you to follow my schedule. 

I’m just telling you what works for me. 

I don’t have more time than you. We each have 24 hours in a day. 

I’m just really really good at knowing what matters to me, making my goals and dreams non-negotiable, and removing the emotion out of it so I show up and get the work done. 

Stop saying yes to what you ‘should’ be doing, what you THINK you must do and start getting crystal freaking clear on what actually matters to YOU.

And then go out and do it. Every damn day.

About the Author:

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I am Rebecca Branham… In 2015, after feeling like my nursing job was consuming me, I knew a change had to be made.

Now I focus on being a  Health & Lifestyle Coach (+ Registered Nurse), and my passion is helping women feel empowered and tuned in to their bodies, by helping them show up for themselves like never before.

I’m a total nerd when it comes to personal development, and my obsession is helping others do feel whole while doing what they love with who they love.

I am passionate about helping women just like you, rebuild their relationship with food, increase their energy, and unveil that strong, independent, badass inside of them.

Many of you know how to eat healthily and how to exercise. But something keeps getting in your way.  You need someone to help you de-stress and get your sh*t together! That’s exactly where I come in!

I married my BFF with our daughter as our active sidekick and a brand new baby boy,  along with our dogs – Timmy & Oscar.  

We’ve been remodeling our home for what feels like forever! I’m an equestrian who was hardcore into barrel racing.

I have to start my day with COFFEE!

If you’re interested to connect with Rebecca, check her out here:





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  • mjbecker7aae5155ed

    Such an important topic! As a mother I often struggled to find time. For anything, but especially for myself. Life changes in wonderful ways when we put off dusting, fill our own cup and focus on ourselves and our happiness. It doesn’t have to be hours but it’s important not to neglect the foundation and root of the family. Mom.

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