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How to Start a Digital Product Business This Year

Are you thinking to start a digital product business and don’t know how and where to start?

It’s the perfect opportunity now as digital marketing is on the rise!

It doesn’t require experience at all. But for sure, a positive mindset, dedication, and hard work is a must!

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It’s been a year now since I started this blog and so far I am loving it. Not because I love writing but because I was able to enhance my skills and flourished that creative side of me.

Eventually, I was able to develop my business planning mindset that led me to open MamaBuzz Creations, your One-Stop-Shop for Matching Shirts and Custom Designs! I also recently started an Etsy shop for this so feel free to visit!

If you haven’t checked out our 2019 Year-End Review in the MamaBuzz Hive, you are missing out!

In today’s post, we are lucky to have Sasha from Your Frugal Friend Blog as she shares to us her business tips on how to create a digital product business this year.

Here it is.

Having a side hustle in our gig economy has never been easier with a digital product business. I started a digital products business in July of 2019 and have been able to use the money I made with it to pay down more debt and save more money! The digital products business I started was a printables business through Etsy.


Deciding on Your Digital Product

There are many different digital products you can sell. Digital products businesses I have explored are ebooks, printables, spreadsheets, guides, and ecourses.

The reason why digital products businesses are so appealing to me is that you do all of the work upfront and then make that business a passive income source.

Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain.

If you are like me, a full time working mother of two small children, you don’t have time to tackle customer concerns or other small business issues. You want a business that is easy to maintain and doesn’t take all of your free time.

That is why starting a digital product business is a great way to earn extra income.


Digital Product Business Post Title

How to start your Digital Product Business

To start your digital product business, think of what skills or ideas you are passionate about.

Being passionate about something will guarantee that you stick with your business. I am passionate about budgeting and goal tracking.

Creating personal budgeting spreadsheets and printables was something I already had experience with as an accountant. I knew that this was the direction I wanted to go in for my business.


Once you have an idea of what kind of business you want to begin, brainstorm a plan for your business.


For me, taking a course for an Etsy printables business was something I knew would help me to reach the goals for my business more quickly.

I found a course by Gold City Ventures. Julie, who is one of the founders of the course, is an Etsy seller herself and has been wildly successful with her bachelorette party products. Her course gave me the confidence to put myself out there! 

How to Create a Plan for Success

In the beginning of my digital products business journey, I would get overwhelmed and discouraged. There were so many great Etsy sellers and they had amazing products.

How could I compete?

I took these moments of distress and used them as opportunities to reframe how I was feeling. I wrote down a 90-day plan for my ideas and then used this as a guide for accomplishing my goals one idea at a time. 


90 day plan template for digital product business

a. Brainstorm Ideas

During the first seven days of your plan, you will brainstorm the perfect product ideas for your digital business. You could make and sell wedding related products, or homeschooling tools, anything can be made into a digital product! 

b. Outline Steps

The second week will be dedicated to outlining the steps you want to take for your business.

Examples of the steps I knew I needed were, to learn how to use graphic design tools such as Canva, decide how many products I wanted to make before launch, and learn how to list products in my Etsy shop.

Use this link to get 40 free listings!

c. Launch Plan

In the next two weeks, you will create a 30-day calendar of your steps for launch with specific due dates and a scorecard to measure your success.

I love to give myself deadlines because then I can cross things off of my to-do list.

Scoring my success was simple. I would task myself with creating two new products a week. Each time I completed these two products I knew I had been successful.

Over the next thirty days, you will launch your business and cross off the steps you have put on your calendar.


d. Review

After you have completed this 30 day period you will then review what you have done, refine your steps, and then create another 30-day action plan with your next steps.

Set yourself up for success by having clear objectives, measurable actions, and by taking action. Soon you will be a productivity machine!

e. Mind setting

As you cross items off of this list, you will build the momentum you need to keep going. Small wins are a great way to keep a positive mindset! I have been able to use this positive mindset to make 350 sales and counting!

Digital Product Business Post Title

How to Expand Your Digital Products Business

Now that I have a successful Etsy shop, I have built on this success by creating a blog. Having a blog is a way to funnel traffic to your digital products so that you can build trust with potential buyers.

My goal is to create an e-course once I have built up a big-enough audience with my blog. There are so many endless possibilities with a digital products business.

So Get Yourself Out There!

Do you now have an idea for your digital products business? Use this guide to start your digital products business today!




Hi! I’m Sasha and I blog about budgeting to financial freedom, frugality, side hustles, and reaching goals over at Your Frugal Friend Blog. Today I am sharing my tips on how to start a digital product business. I hope that you are inspired to start your own digital product business to reach your financial goals!

If you want to connect with Sasha and learn business tips from her, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and visit her Etsy store!

Have you checked out our online shop for matching shirts and custom designs? Please take a visit at www.mamabuzzcreations.com and feel free to watch this video on Youtube! Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification for more!


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