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How we spent our 1st Easter Weekend with the baby

“You’ll learn to lower your expectations about what you can accomplish in a day. Some days, it will be all you can do to keep baby safe, warm, and fed. And that will be enough.”


How was your Easter Long Weekend? Did you celebrate it with an Easter tradition? How did you spend it? 

I couldn’t wait to share how our little man celebrated his first Easter with us.  No bunnies and no eggs.  So what did we do?

Mom carrying a baby

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There are different ways to celebrate Easter and it all depends on us on how we value our practices and cherish those moments with our loved ones. After all, Easter reminds us about the resurrection…It’s a new beginning, it’s a new life.

Speaking about traditions, I remember going for long walks and participate in the Stations of the Cross on a Good Friday.  On Easter Sunday, we would wake up early for the dawn mass and go to the beach with the whole family.  However, we’re in a different place and I missed it so much.

Days prior, I started looking for activities in the city.  This year is new to us since we have our little munchkin. We ended up doing it differently this time. Here are our highlights:


We had a beautiful afternoon inside the public library.  We then hung out at Vivo since it’s just 15 minutes walk or 5 minute drive from our house.  They offer a lot of programs for the whole family.  We also did a short walk around the park. 

It’s amazing how Little M enjoyed his play time. He was able to spend it with a friend. The Calgary Public Library specifically has a children’s area for babies to play and have some fun! In May, he’s registered for Baby Rhyme Time and Bouncing with the Baby! I really love our Mom and Baby classes. It keeps us buzzing every single day!



I was so happy that we scheduled our Spring Cleaning at home. It’s a relief.  After the whole pregnancy and childbirth, it’s time to spruce up the house and  declutter! We were able to organize our stuff in the furnace room and we switched a lot of things in the living room and the basement area.  Obviously, lots of miscellaneous items and boxes need to be thrown away.


It’s our everyday activity and Little M loves it. He used to sleep while we go for stroller walks but now that he’s so curious about his environment, he’s wide awake while looking at the beautiful scenery of the hills. It’s just around the corner! I think I can count that as our Good Friday walk.

Hills and meadow


Sundays are meant for families to gather together. We woke up early for church and started the day with a peaceful heart. After Church, we immediately left for our trip. Life is something we must be grateful everyday.


A beautiful way to spend Easter was to go for a road trip. I knew the mountains were calling us. It’s been awhile since we brought Little M for a long drive.  A 45 minute drive to Canmore is worth our time. We had a stroll around the downtown area and we had Beaver tails, famous for their deliciously addictive pastries.

If you want to enjoy the view of the mountains, this place is not crowded at all. While we were having a stroll, Little M was sleeping and when he woke up, we have to carry him and it’s his favorite, of course! We saw kids playing around and people were biking. We’ll definitely go back and bring our bikes soon.

Mommy and Baby stroll

Dad and Son

After a long day, we finally got rested. Little M and I went for our nap while his Dad made his long time project. When we woke up…a pickler triangle was made! Little M has started climbing and this is a good way to practice and enhance his motor skills.


There you have it! We didn’t have bunnies to play with or hunted for eggs! Maybe next year is a different story. After all, we celebrated it as a family.  It’s a new beginning and life is meant to be celebrated. We created wonderful memories and we also had a productive weekend! 

If you’re looking for Easter events in the City of Calgary, check out Tourism Calgary as they’ve got lots of updates. This is something we’ll find out for next Easter for sure. Discover activities from Easter Egg Hunts to Sunday Brunches, hop into the long weekend and start your Easter tradition.

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.”-S.D. Gordon



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