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It’s Not Hard To Be Real: Tips from the Founder of the R.E.A.L. Biz Moms

Hey! Hey! It’s the start of the year and it means…it’s MomStar of the Month again!

First of all, I am so psyched to start 2020 by sharing with you more uplifting stories of women who are living the life that they truly deserved.

It’s not easy to be a Mother and it’s not easy to juggle MomLife, Wellness, Business, Career, and Kids. Whatever the buzz of life is about, each one of us deserves recognition, empowerment, authenticity, and love.

Last week, I shared with you my Year-end Review in the MamaBuzz Hive and I realized, I even missed one more milestone since I started this blog!

I was interviewed for a Podcast! If you missed this, check it out in Compassion as My Compass on Itunes, Spotify, and the Radio.com App.

Now let’s begin.

I’m so happy to share that I am privileged enough to have connected with another inspirational woman who has built a Community of Mothers Chasing Dreams together!

Our MomStar of the Month is no other than Vivian Rajic, the Founder of the R.E.A.L. Biz Moms.

Read more of her story here.

What is MomStar of the Month all about?

MomStar of the Month shares inspirational stories of women, no matter what background, ethnicity or race; has a great career or not, is a first-time mom or not, it doesn’t matter. 

Any Mom is a star in her own ways and with these stories, we share the journey of moms who aim to inspire others and transform lives with a purpose.

We highlight different women in our society, with their spirit to motivate others. A unique opportunity for all of us to hear and understand how these Moms learned how to flourish and balance their lives in today’s overwhelming world.

1. Tell us about yourself (ex: Family, Profession/Background, what do you do?)

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My name is Vivian Rajic and I am a wife to an empowering and supportive husband and a full-time stay at home mom to 2 boys; a soon to be 5 year old named Kyrie and a 3-year-old named Keenan. I am the founder and owner of R.E.A.L. Biz Moms.

R.E.A.L. Biz Moms is a safe, supportive and empowering community where mothers are provided with opportunities to flourish in life and in business.

2. What keeps you busy at the moment? How do you manage your day to day activities with your children?

What keeps me busy currently is my family and working on R.E.A.L. Biz Moms. Honestly, I don’t really have a system or a routine to manage my day-to-day. I’m sure I should but at this moment I have not mastered any at the moment. I just go day by day.


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3. How did you start the R.E.A.L. Biz Mom Community and what inspired you to create such an awesome group of mompreneurs?

I started the community because of my own personal experience.

When I first became a mother, I had this image of the type of mother I wanted and needed to be in order to be a good mother. I thought that to be a good mother I had to make fresh home-cooked meals every day, 3-4x a day, have a clean house, take the kids out every day, do arts and crafts with the kids, teach the kids, etc.

When I wasn’t doing these things, it ruined me. It made me feel awful about myself and that I wasn’t meant to be a mother.

After 3 years of feeling this way, I finally decided to take things into my own hands. All I know is that I didn’t want other mothers to feel the way I did.

It wasn’t until I attended an ACE Class event.

I left the event feeling inspired, empowered, motivated, etc. BUT I couldn’t relate to any of these women and felt overwhelmed and stuck because none of these women weren’t mothers.

That’s when my A-HA moment happened. Create a community like The ACE Class, but solely for mothers.

That’s when Mompreneur L.I.F.E. was created. We had to rebrand to R.E.A.L. Biz Moms as Mompreneur is trademarked. But I am very grateful and love the rebrand as R.E.A.L. is an acronym and stands for our values: Recognized, empowered, authenticity, and loved.

4. How do you find time to organize other moms in your community while being busy with your own kids at home? What keeps you going?

I just make the time. Whenever the boys are busy playing, I’ll get some work done. Bath time, I get some work done. When the boys are sleeping, I get some work done.

What keeps me going is the amazing feedback that I get from mothers who are apart of the community and my boys. I want to show them that you can do anything you put your mind to with hard work.


Core Values

5. What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a mom?

Their unconditional love. No matter what mommy is going through, the boys show me, unconditional love! Seeing them learn and grow up into these amazing human beings.

6. Leave us a message to all Moms who feel they are alone or simply those who struggle with Motherhood.

There is no one way of being a good mother! Do what works best for you and your family!


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Vivian Rajic

Founder, R.E.A.L. Biz Moms
Bringing together mothers + allowing them to be REAL

Recognized. Empowered. Authentic. Loved.

If you want to be part of the R.E.A.L.Biz Moms Community, follow along the journey and feel free to connect with Vivian and the other amazing mompreneurs. Check it out here:

Website: www.realbizmoms.com

Instagram: @realbizmoms

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/realbizmoms

Facebook group: REAL Biz Moms

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Do you have an inspirational story that you would like to share related to Balancing MomLife, WorkLife, and Wellness with kids?

Do you want to be featured on our site and be able to inspire others? 

If yes, give us a little background about you and we are happy to feature you! 



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