Mind, Body and Soul: It’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday

This post is part of SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday.
The word prompt for today is soul/sole. Use the word/words in any way you can. Let’s start!
It took me awhile to write this post. As I stumbled with the word, I told myself it’s gonna be easy. Yet, as I’m reflecting now, I realized…there’s more to it. My mind is full of distractions. I need balance, I need focus.

So today, I started a challenge with my little one. I was searching for something. There’s that missing piece.
I’m starting this journey to self-love. My sole aim is to find balance and peace within myself. Lots of things are happening around us. Good or bad. The world is full of chaos. There’s negative energy. Together, let’s find it.

So this is Day 1.
I want to embrace the yoga philosophy and find the better version of myself. I was doing it prior to Motherhood. Around 30th week of my pregnancy, I also did prenatal yoga. So I asked myself, why not continue it?
Truly, it’s not the outside that matters. Each of us needs balance and to find that is to start within us. Let’s wholeheartedly take the eightfold path of the yamas and niyamas. The ethical and spiritual observances that will help us develop the more profound qualities of ourselves. We have strengths..we just have to keep it coming. Amidst stress, it is our sole responsibility to take care of our mind, body and soul.

How about you? How do you take care of your mind, body and soul? This Saturday is truly a Stream of Consciousness Day. I hope you find yours.
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