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Moms share their 20 Baby Must-Haves for baby’s first year

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As first-time Moms, we often ask other people especially our other Mom friends on what are the Top Baby Must-Haves on baby’s first year.

I remember last year, I had no clue at all of what I’m actually getting until I had my own little man.

It’s actually good to know the baby essentials as they will come in handy when you are picking items for your baby registry. This will allow you to not spend and waste other stuff that you don’t need.

So I thought of asking other Moms to share their favorite Baby Must-Haves. In this way, I can have other people’s insights and preferences on what were useful to them.

If you are expecting and want to make sure you have a list of Baby Must-Haves, then this one is for you.

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The question is……….


Back in June 2018, my Boss Lady asked me for my Baby Registry so they can start choosing what they need to buy for my Baby Shower. Initially, I was hesitant to make one as it felt like I was giving an obligation to people to buy me gifts.  

However, she convinced and explained to me how it can help.  I’m glad I made one and I did not regret it since I almost got everything I needed based on the list.  Transition to Motherhood was easier when I got everything what I need.

But now that I have a 10-month-old baby, I realized I have to look back on my Baby Registry list if they were actually used. I know my favorite Baby Must-Haves so I want to share these to you so you won’t commit the same mistakes I had of getting items I don’t actually need.

Here are some of the Baby Must-Haves as shared by other moms.



Baby Must-Haves-baby carrier with dad and baby

“Babywearing is not just for moms – dads can wear the baby too!  
Especially if your husband has big hands and long arms and cannot hold  
the baby properly, babywearing is a great way for dads to be close to  
the baby without having to hold the baby.”

“Dads can dance with the baby, take the baby shopping, or even exercise while wearing the baby!”

“If you and your husband are the traveling types, your husband can wear  
the baby while hiking or walking through strange cities. Soft  structured carriers are perfect for dads since they have long,  adjustable straps that allow him to wear the baby comfortably.”

Mom photo

by Betty from Mombrite, a mother of two beautiful children and a dedicated wife. When she is not busy chasing after her kids or digging out from piles of laundry, she is happily writing on Mombrite (www.mombrite.com), a blog about pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting,  
and everything related to motherhood.

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Baby Must-Haves-wrap

“If you have multiple children, I would say a carrier or a baby wrap. Even when I was a first-time mom, though, a baby wrap was an amazing way to get myself out of the house and just walk around the mall or park. That was a huge piece in managing postpartum depression – getting out of the house and being active.”

“The second time around, a carrier was a necessary way of life! From breastfeeding to chasing my other toddler around the house, a sling/carrier just made life easier for me when I couldn’t go a third arm!” 

Mom photo

by Ashley, from the Chronically Caffeinated Mom. A married mom of three, blogging and doing freelance writing in her “spare” time. Her youngest is a neonatal diabetic, diagnosed at 6 months old and her oldest has ADHD which they just finished up his IEP for second grade after a super rough year.

Ashley has dabbled in several areas of life and love to share what she’s learned in this journey with her high school sweetheart and three beautiful children. 

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Baby Must-Haves-Sleep sack

“I love the baby swaddles and sleep sacks the most because it helps train the babies to sleep well and sleeping well is very important for baby and mama.”

“If you don’t know how to swaddle well, the sleep sacks with the attached swaddles bail you out!  So basically anyone can swaddle their baby, and it allows you to transition them out of the swaddle as they grow older, which is so important.”

“Both my kids sleep great and I attribute it to swaddling at the beginning to keep them feeling secure, and then transitioning them out of the swaddles.

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Mom photo

by Nici Brooke of Sassy, Smart and Simple LLC., a full-time working mom of 2 who blogs about babies and living an organized life as a mom.  She focuses on tips and strategies to help busy moms get more organized so they can spend more time with their families.  

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Essential Checklist-Baby smiling



Baby Must-Haves-rocking chair

“I can’t imagine having to go through my baby’s first year without a glider. Both of my babies were milk monsters and I spent half of the days in my glider.”

“Thankfully this was one item we splurged on so it’s super comfortable and I didn’t mind sitting in it all day. I remember once my daughter was getting over a cold and I was in the glider nursing and holding her for 6 hours in a row.”

“Fast forward 5 years – my son weaned when he was 2 but my almost 3 years old daughter is still breastfeeding. So we are still using the glider!” 

by Betty of MomBrite (See bio on top)



Baby Must-Haves-nursing pillow
Baby Must-haves-breast pump

“The boppy pillow helped support the baby. The pump helped my supply as I was not making enough and the baby wasn’t latching well at first.”

“I want to add, though, that what is MOST important isn’t necessarily anything material but having a community to bounce questions off and support the massive changes and emotions that come with a newborn.”

Mom photo

by Christine of Managing a Lived Life, a mom of two energetic boys who think she is a climbing equipment. She lives in the Midwest and enjoys writing her own blog and teaching online courses. She has a passion to help others find balance and purpose. She cannot give any advice on sleeping since her five-year-old still wakes up at night on a regular basis.


Baby Must Haves-Baby Breeza

“If you take anything away from this list, I hope it’s this item. I was skeptical at first. But, I am thankful every day that I have this gadget.”

“So, what is it? It’s like a Keurig, but for bottles. Needless to say, this is for those mothers that have decided to formula feed their babies, for whatever reason.”

“There are settings for the different kinds of formula. It holds roughly 20 ounces of water. It warms the water up to the perfect temperature. You select how many ounces you want it to make, press a button, and viola! It makes the bottle in seconds.”

“It makes those 3 a.m. feedings easier. Heck, it makes life easier. Especially when baby wants the bottle now.”

Family photo

from Cori Maag of This Maagnificent Life, a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful boys and wife to her wonderful oilfield man.

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There you have it. As shared by other moms, they are the Baby Must-Haves for baby’s first year. Now I also want to share to you my favorites.


As a first time mom, I feel that these Baby Must-Haves truly gave their purpose and I am still using most of them until now.


Baby Must-Haves-6 position carrier with dad and baby

The Bebamour Six-position hip seat carrier is on my top list for traveling.
The upper part can be detached to be a single hip seat carrier and you can
put the baby in multiple ways such as horizontal, face-forward and face- inward.

I love that I don’t need to always put the whole attachment every time I use it. The hip seat can even be folded into a piece.

Having an above average-sized baby, this was a hit for me and my
husband. It helped my back a lot especially when I went for Mom & Baby
classes that require dancing and movement.

My baby loves it and this can be used from 0-36 months baby whose weight is about 0-44 lbs (0-14.9kg).

Another aspect of it is that it has various pockets of different sizes. As I am
usually out and about with my little one, I use the baby carrier’s pockets easily for keys and my phone.

How convenient is that? There is a larger pocket which you can use to store for extra diapers. This Baby Registry item is really one of my favorite Baby Must-Haves for safety, convenience, and comfort.

Baby Must-Haves Blog Title-Baby sleeping


Baby Must-Haves-Haaka

Haaka is another item on my top list. It’s perfect for breastfeeding moms. Haakaa breast pump can fit anywhere you like to discretely express or when you wake up in the middle of the night engorged.

I remember the first time I used it, I was so impressed on how much it can actually suction. I call it a miracle baby item. It’s easy to use and easy to wash. You simply place it in one breast while you’re nursing from the other side. This manual breast pump does the work for you as it draws your milk conveniently.

In addition, it can be used for letdown what would otherwise be lost in a breast pad as you breastfeed on the other breast. This is also dishwasher safe and can be sterilised and left to sit in boiling water.


Baby Must-Haves-mirror

As I’m always out with my baby, a baby mirror is a Must-Have. It’s very helpful when you’re traveling and you can easily check on your baby while driving.

Also, when the baby tends to be fussy, I can see him through the mirror and talk to him to help him settledown.

Plus, it serves as an entertainment for baby’s eyes. The hanging animals can be touched and flipped which makes the baby burst out from laughter.


Baby Must-Haves-Bommerang pillow

The Nursing Pillow is a favorite as well. This ergonomically shaped breastfeeding cushion provides ultimate comfort while feeding the baby. It is designed to take the stress off of your back, arms and neck.

In addition, it comes with a washable slip cover which makes it easy to use and convenient if it gets spilled or dirty.

Not only that, this can be used even before and after pregnancy. It’s an awesome item for sleep and rest.


Baby Must-Haves-diaper bag

This next item is obviously a favorite. I believe all moms with a baby has a diaper bag with them.

When picking for a bag, check out how much you can place in it and if it’s comfortable when transporting or traveling. Furthermore, make sure it’s practical and multifunction.

With a variety of storage pockets, you can even place your milk bottles, water bottle, clothes, diaper, towel and organize them accordingly.

Insulated pockets and wet clothes pockets are also included. This is very helpful when you bring baby food and milk all the time. It can keep liquids warm. Also, wet and soiled clothes can be separated from the dry ones.

Lastly, you can use this bag as a Backpack or a handbag. Its elegant design makes it suitable in any situation. Not to mention, its high-quality fabric is durable and waterproof making it easy to clean!


Baby Must-Haves-burp cloths

On baby’s first few months, having a burp cloth makes it easier for you and the baby. As you get the spills from baby’s milk, an easy wipe of this cloth keeps you clean during the day.

You will also likely use it as a receiving blanket or even a swaddle blanket. How nice it is to have its multiple purposes.


Baby Must-Haves-Nursing cover

Yes! A nursing cover needs to be part of your list of your Baby Must-Haves.

Aside from using it as cover for feeding, you can also use in covering the car seat for the baby. It acts as a seat cover/ canopy. It’s super light and soft.

In addition, it can be used as a scarf as well! It’s very handy, it’s washable, wrinkle-free, keeping your baby cool and comfortable.


Baby Must-Haves-Milk bottle set

Next on the list is your breast pump set. I actually used it just in the beginning. But I thought I should include it as it was my own preference not to be pumping so much.

The breast pump has a soft massage cushion that gently stimulates milk flow. Having storage containers also keeps it safe for storage and transpirt.


Baby Must-Haves-fleece blanket

Up until now, this is one of my top favorite Baby Must-Haves as well. I use the blanket in any setting. When we go to Mom and Baby class, I use it to place baby on the floor or the mat or I also use it to cover him from the rays of the sun.

Make sure you have a soft textured blanket to make it comfortable for baby when he does his tummy time and snuggles with you.

Having a blanket with you all the time is so helpful. It can be used in any type of season whether it’s spring, summer or winter.

Let your baby sleep… like a baby!

Whether it’s for a little one or for Mom, add a fleece blanket on your list!


Baby Must-Haves-drool bibs

In the beginning, my baby doesn’t like to wear bibs. He usually takes it out.

However, as time passed by, he learned how to use it and he doesn’t get bothered anymore.

With teething babies, drooling is very common and having a drool bib keeps him dry and comfortable. It protects the baby’s clothes and the designs are wonderfully-made.

These beautiful designs can complement any outfit too!


Baby Must-Haves-chair

A high chair is also a great Baby Must-Have item. With the one I got, it serves 3 functions such as a full-size high chair, booster seat and a toddler chair.

Eating on it is a huge help as the baby is comfortable and safe with the adjustable strap being placed on him.


Baby Must-Haves bassinet

One more item for Baby Must-Haves is a bassinet. I like the fact that it’s easy to transport.

During Little M’s newborn stage, this was a big help as it comes with vibration and sounds that help him soothe and go to sleep.

You can also adjust and loosen it to create a swaying motion. If you start baby with a bassinet, this is an easy find to bring beside your bed.


Baby Must-Haves-rocking chair

Oh! I love this one! Having a rocking chair in the house makes you feel comfortable especially when nursing the baby.

Sometimes, when he’s asleep and I’m on the chair, I can actually continue staying on it. It also elevates the nursery room’s decoration.

One more thing, it relieves pressure off your back. When you need rest, a rocking chair is definitely a huge help.


Baby Must-Haves-jogger stroller

Last but not the least is the Stroller and Car seat. It’s best when you have a set of both as it’s easy for baby’s transition.

Aside from the storage, it also has cupholders. That’s why I find it easy to go for walks and run as having a stroller. With comfort and convenience, make sure to add it in your list for Baby Must-Haves.

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