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MomStar of the Month: Empowering women to live a Life of Purpose

It’s officially May and I am so excited to share another inspirational story from our MomStar of the Month!

“You can be a good mother if you follow your dreams.

You totally can if you so desire.”-Unknown

MomStar of the Month shares inspirational stories of Moms, no matter what background, ethnicity or race; whether she has a great career or not, whether she is a first-time mom or not, it doesn’t matter. Any Mom is a Star in their own ways and with these stories, we share the journey of women who aim to inspire others and transform lives with a purpose; we highlight different women in our society, with their spirit to motivate others…a unique opportunity for all of us to hear and understand how these Moms learned how to flourish and balance their lives in today’s overwhelming world.

This month, I want to share to you the story of a wife, a Mom of 2, a retired Physical Therapist, a Beach Body Coach, and a Business Mentor. Who wouldn’t be inspired by her energy and enthusiasm?

Let me introduce to you Jeanette Maseda! You wouldn’t believe she’s 43 and she got all the energy and the vibe you could ever imagine. I sometimes wonder where is she getting it?

Being part of her Fitness Challenge, I still couldn’t believe what I am actually capable of doing. In spite of distractions and my busy Mom schedule, I get to realize how important it is to set aside a moment for yourself everyday and be better to feel better. As I watch her day-to-day motivational videos, she obviously keeps me going! I even do my workout in front of my baby because of her! So let’s hear Jeanette’s story.

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1. Tell us about yourself (ex: Family, Profession, what do you do, etc)

I’m Jeanette. I’m a tea lover who you can find wearing yoga pants on most days. I’m married to a hottie who’s obsessed with me not parking on our lawn. We have two beautiful kids that drive us crazy, but we wouldn’t know what to do without them in our lives.  My mission is to empower people to live a life of purpose. I am most passionate about helping people BELIEVE in themselves and all that they are capable of doing!

I’m an Online Fitness Coach and Business Mentor. Up until 2013, I was a full- time physical therapist. Over the last 5 years, I’ve been able to build a successful online business and retire from my full-time job. Years from now, I want to be able to look back and know that I was able to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

2. What keeps you busy at the moment? How do you keep yourself productive? Running a business from home and being a mom is what keeps me busy! I’m very intentional about setting goals for myself both personal and business related. I stay productive by being diligent with my Must-To-Do list daily, and by setting monthly and weekly goals. I’ve learned to say no to things that are not in line with my goals.

3. What was your defining moment as a fitness coach/ mom entrepreneur? The moment I said yes to my health has been one of the defining moments in my life. Reaching my health and fitness goals lead to me finding what I was truly capable of. My confidence was built through fitness and it translated to all aspects of my life. After having my transformation, I knew that I had to share the tools that I used with my friends and family. And that was the start of a new career.

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4. What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a working mom? Proving to myself that I can have a thriving career and still be an awesome mom. Having my kids watch me build a business from home has been rewarding as well. They are seeing what it takes to be an entrepreneur. They see the sacrifices I make, but they also see the rewards. I love being a mom and a wife, and being a coach is my passion. It has brought fulfillment and purpose into my life.

5. What is your message to your audience who wants to be a fitness coach, a mompreneur or those who struggle with Motherhood?  Everything you need to succeed is already inside of you. You were born to live an amazing life and are deserving of it. You don’t have to choose between a career or motherhood. You can have both if you are willing to face your fears and sacrifice. There are different seasons in life. Somewhere your family comes first, other times where work comes first. Ask your village for help and if you don’t have a village, yet you are capable, hire someone to help you with housework and groceries. You don’t have to do it all yourself. 

There you have it! Sometimes, we need people who can motivate us. We just don’t know what we can do; No matter where we are and if we want to live a life of purpose, we have to do something now for ourselves and for our family. Hope you got the inspiration from Jeanette herself. You’ll find her in her FB page Jeanette Maseda and IG @jeanette_maseda. So be sure to check her out!

“Keep taking tiny steps, creating small wins and building your belief one step at a time. It’s that simple.”-Jeanette Maseda

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