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MomStar of the Month,  Motherhood

MomStar of the Month: Keeping strong with Single Motherhood & Chasing Dreams

A single mom tries when things are hard. She never gives up. She believes in her family, even when things are tough. She knows that above all things… a mother’s love is more than enough.” 
Deniece Williams

Single Motherhood: Blog Title

June is here and it means I am sharing to you another inspirational story from our MomStar of the Month!

What is MomStar of the Month about?

MomStar of the Month shares inspirational stories of Mothers, no matter what background, ethnicity or race; has a great career or not, is a first-time mom or not, it doesn’t matter.

Any Mom is a Star in her own ways and with these stories, we share the journey of women who aim to inspire others and transform lives with a purpose.

We highlight different women in our society, with their spirit to motivate others. A unique opportunity for all of us to hear and understand how these Moms learned how to flourish and balance their lives in today’s overwhelming world.

I have to say I am humbled and privileged to interview a fellow Holy Crossian, now turned Pediatric Occupational Therapist and a Mompreneur of her own specialty.

When I found out that she serves children with disabilities, I was touched with the fact that I also work in the same field. It brings inspiration to me, knowing that she is taking care of other kids aside from her own.

She not only serves families of children with disabilities, but she also brings out a lot of patience, respect, and love to those kids who are not fortunate enough to live life to the fullest.

Single Motherhood: Mom and Baby playing

Let me introduce to you our MomStar of the month, Irish! A single mom and the face behind Bright Minds Occupational Therapy Center. In here, she shares to us how to keep strong with single motherhood while chasing her dreams.

When I asked her for the feature, I was so impressed that she immediately responded with no hesitation. It took 10 minutes and she clearly outlined her story of balancing single motherhood and work. Here it is.

1. Tell us about yourself (ex: family, profession, what do you do, etc.) I’m a full time working mom practicing as a licensed Pediatric Occupational therapist for eight years now.

I’m also managing my own Pediatric Therapy Center in Bukidnon, Philippines called Bright Minds Occupational Therapy Center.

I have handled various cases such as Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disability, Down’s Syndrome, and other Developmental cases.

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2. Tell us about your journey on how you look at Motherhood and dealing with other children.

My motherhood journey is like a rollercoaster ride and I would say that no matter how good you are when working with other children when it comes to your own child it would be a totally different story.

I used to have so much difficulty breastfeeding my son. He had a horrible latch and I used to have a stubborn disposition. I used to think that breastfeeding is as easy as ABC because all you have to do is put the baby on the boob and he figures out the rest but I was so wrong!

Later on, I learned that there are some wonderful people out there. For example, we have a supportive Mom community called “Modern Nanays of Mindanao” who dedicate their whole career to helping women breastfeed.

The second most important lesson I have learned is that not everything you read in a book is applicable.

Being an OT mom, I have read some books about effective behavior management. I’ve learned techniques about the reward system, offering choices, and behavior charts.

But when your three-year-old is squirming on the floor when you are in a public place, you will start to wonder why the universe is punishing you.

Single Motherhood: Mom and Baby smiling

3. As a working mom, what keeps you busy at the moment? How do you manage your day to day activities?

To be honest, I am not 100% hands-on mom because I work full time but I always do my best to spend quality time with my son when we are together.

As much as possible, I try to juggle my time between work, family, and leisure but being a single mom is never easy. That is why I am truly grateful that I have very supportive parents who help me when the going gets tough.

I am no superwoman so sometimes I need a break from my routine (I think we all do) and I utilize my “me-time” doing something that I love the most and that is traveling.

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Aside from those, I am also completing my certification in an online US course in Ayres Sensory Integration. I am also pursuing my Master’s degree in International Health and has recently completed my certification with high distinction on a short course about Caring for Children with Special Needs at the University of the Philippines, Open University. With my interest in children, my focus is on pediatrics.

Single Motherhood: Mom and Baby Walking

4. What are your two most important lessons while working with moms, kids with disabilities and their families?

In my eight years of practice, I have learned that when passion and dedication go together, you can go a long way.

You have to be fueled with extra patience and have to be highly passionate when working with children with special needs and assisting with their families.

That is why, I am always an advocate for early & holistic intervention and to encourage the involvement of families and caregivers.

Single Motherhood: Mom and Baby Smiling

5. If you could pass one of your best habits to your child and the children you serve, what would it be?

If I can pass one habit to my son and to the younger generations, I think it would be the habit of believing in God that everything will be okay and believing in yourself because if you don’t believe in yourself it would be hard to grow and learn.

“The person that needs to believe in you, is you”.

Single Motherhood: Mom kissing her kid

6. Leave us a message to all Moms of children with disabilities or for those who struggle with Motherhood.

There’s no such thing as a perfect mom because even pediatricians and childhood experts have their daily struggles too. We are all learning every day and the best teachers are our kids.

At the end of the day, no matter how terrible you feel as a mom, if your kids know they’re loved, you’ve reached a euphoric state of success.

Single Motherhood Blog Title

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When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.
Sophia Loren

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