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My Wellness Wednesday

I’d like to share this challenge to anyone who wants to focus on self-love, self-gratitude and self-care. We face obstacles and challenges everyday. It may be big or small. How do we overcome this and keep ourselves going?

I have put up these sentences and all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Here you go! Have fun!

  • The best thing that happened to me last week was to start doing Yoga with my little one.
  • My greatest strength is I am high-spirited and very optimistic.
  • One thing I am proud of is I am calm and able to handle any pressure.
  • When I’m down, I tell myself that it’s not the end and I can do better next time.
  • An inspirational quote I can give to anyone right now is: “Everyday may not be good but there is always something good in every day”.

Rules for #WellnessWednesday:

If you would like to participate, feel free to add “Wellness Wednesday” in your title. Be creative if you like.  Ping back here to get more exposure. To create a pingback, copy the URL in the address bar on this post, and paste it anywhere in your post. Your link will show up in the comments below.

Please ensure that the #WellnessWednesday you’re pinging back to is this week’s! If not, it will only be me who sees it. Feel free to add pictures if you like.

NOTE: Pingbacks only work from WordPress sites. If you’re self-hosted or are participating from another host, please leave a link to your post in the comments section. If you see a pingback from someone else, have a read and visit each other’s blog.

1. Fill in the blanks.

2. Try to make it inspirational.

3. Use the tag #WellnessWednesday.

4. Add this lovely badge to your post for extra exposure!

5. Have fun!

Mitchelle is a first-time mom and the buzzy Mama of a sweet little man. She's here to connect with other moms, parents or soon to be parents by buzzing positively with Mom & Baby Activities filled with Self-Care Ideas, Family Fun, and Inspiration to help you balance Mom Life and Wellness. Welcome to the Hive-where Mom Life keeps buzzing!


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