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Parenting in Pandemic: 7 Best Tips To Help Kids Cope

Children rely on their parents for safety, both physical and emotional. Reassure your children that you are there for them and that your family will get through this together American Academy of Pediatrics

Parenting in Pandemic has been one of the challenges that most parents face during these uncertain times.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have been quarantined in their homes with their children. Most of them have kids and grandkids and they try to keep themselves busy to help cope with the situation.

In this article, our Guest Blogger, Ralph Macey shares to us his 7 Best Tips for parents to help kids during these uncertain times.

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Here it is.

Adults may engage themselves in multiple jobs and spend time on it more frequently than ever. But it becomes too difficult to spend the whole day in captivity due to the lockdown.

Schools and colleges are closed; no one is leaving their homes due to these reasons. Kids can’t even play or meet their friends for a long time.

So, after facing such long isolation, kids may develop not only mental but physical issues too. Kids may start struggling to cope with the situation and experience multiple difficulties such as:

● Mood disturbances
● Emotional distress
● Feelings of anger, anxiety, and guilt
● Sleepy Sickness
● Loss of appetite
● Blaming themselves for parents’ mental health issues
● Lack of care and support from parents
● Social avoidance
● Poor academic performance
● Being scared about their parents will self-harm themselves
● Get addicted to substance abuse (Teens)
● Money problems if their parent is not able to work
● Being isolated from their parents

20% of kids who face such situations may also suffer from significant emotional impact and show behavioral issues. So, being a parent you have to keep them safe and engaged in meaningful and interesting activities.

Apply These 7 Tips!

Now how do parents involve themselves?

As parents, we all play an equal role. Responsibilities shouldn’t be given to just the moms as they do all the work at home, including taking care of the kids, the husband, and the whole family.

So, during this crisis, dads are stepping forward to share the workload.

Dads…Support your spouses to take care of your kids as this too shall pass.

1. Create a Routine

You need to create a schedule for every work they perform. Create a routine for a week by following the same pattern their school was following.

Set up a timetable for sleeping/waking, having meals throughout
the day, reading, activities, playing, with breaks in between.

Ask your kids to maintain a logbook so that they can track their progress daily. Do it for a week and your kids will grow a habit of following the
schedule just like they normally did earlier. In this way, parents, especially moms can manage time and teach their kids to do so as well.


2. Encourage exercise daily

Studies reveal that you may keep away negative thoughts or feelings by making changes in your brain chemistry.

Working out daily can help us to do that. Daily exercising may help your body to maintain a balance in hormones which can affect the brain, immune system, and digestive positively.

Apart from that, there are other physiological benefits of exercising. So, add at least 30 min into your kids’ daily routine for activities such as skipping, squats & lunges, jumping jacks, planks, Pilates, etc.

Dancing is also a great way to exercise.

Usually, dads are quite familiar with gym and workout sessions. But busy
moms should exercise too.

Other than the workout, there are a variety of mind-body practices to choose from to calm an anxious mind such as meditation and yoga.

Don’t forget, you should also join them while exercising, they’ll feel
great, trust me!


3. Support your kids if Mental Health is an issue

Does your mental health affect your parenting? Yes, it does!

Several parents in the world think they might face difficulties to become a good parent due to significant mental health concerns.

It is natural to worry about such a thing, as your mental health illness may affect your kids in their everyday living.

Worldwide, 15-23% of kids live with a parent having a mental health disorder.

Unfortunately, most of those kids have up to a 50% chance of developing a mental health issue later on.

In addition to long-term mental health problems, they might introduce themselves to alcohol or drugs and leads to addiction. Personality Disorders may be experienced with age as well.

If Mental Health is an issue but you are capable and willing to provide support to your kids, seek help from the people around you. Don’t hesitate to seek counseling and access available resources in the community.

Ask your teen to reach out to you when needed. If they are getting confused and hesitant to talk to you about anything, ask them to talk to their teacher, family members, relatives, or friends.


4. Encourage Literacy

During the lockdown or home quarantine days, kids may lose their skills regarding their literacy, particularly in Reading and Writing.

Due to the COVID – 19 outbreak, all educational institutions are closed.
So, the kids might get out of touch with their educational skills. You can help them with this at home.


To stop this from happening with your kids while their school and normal teaching routine is on halt, ask them to read a piece from their textbook daily and then write a summary of what they have read.

You must check these things while doing so:
● Let them select their favorite book.
● Ask them to read aloud.
● After reading discuss what they have understood.
● Ask them to note down new words from the text, their meaning, and antonyms to increase their vocabulary.
● Play word games using those new words, it’ll increase their memory as well as the stock of words.
● Your kids should write a summary of what they have learned from reading the piece.
● Make sure they choose new text pieces every day, with no repetitions.


5. Focus on your whole family

You should consider mental health as your Family’s Health. So, focus on your family’s well being and take good care of each other.

According to research, it is revealed that, due to genetic and environmental issues, kids with parents/family members with serious mental disorders may develop mental health issues themselves.

Researchers found that 30 to 50% of kids with parents with mental illness may develop mental illness compared to 20% of other kids.

To help your kids from these different factors, you must take care of the family member who is suffering from mental health illness.

Take help from a professional therapist and reach out for support.


6. Teach them self-soothing techniques

You must keep your kids informed about the pandemic situation. But don’t let them panic. Teach them the techniques of self-soothing.

Prepare delicious meals and enjoy a family dinner together, listen to your
favorite tunes together and dance, watch cartoon movies, or your favorite MARVEL/DC movies while having popcorn and juices.

Make them contribute their time and effort into daily activities.

You may also help them to engage in fun hobbies such as painting, crafts, and lots of other stuff.

If you are good with the arts, crafts, and other creative things, then you can easily teach your kids such skills.

These activities can help your kids to shed all the stress caused by COVID – 19 outbreak and quarantine isolation. Apart from that, you may sell those things online and start a side-hustle.

Read more here to learn a few side-hustle ideas for single moms.


7. Listen to your Kids

During these uncertain times, kids may not be able to express themselves. Anxiety may be common and we need to acknowledge it.

Listen to your kids. Your kids might feel uncomfortable telling you what is bothering them and may suffer too much.

Normally, kids are more open to moms rather than dads. So, moms should take care of them more passionately, and dads should find their way to work it out for them.


Parenting during this Pandemic may be tough and still is uncertain. But as parents, we need to be strong for our kids and for the whole family.

Work with your spouse or partner and seek help when you need it. In the end, we’re all in this together.

About the Author:

Ralph Macey, a professional writer since 2008 and medical health/patient care coordinator at savantcare.com since 2014, writes articles on mental health, depression, and anxiety.

He holds a degree and two professional certifications in his field and continues to upgrade his knowledge with additional classes and seminars.

He has provided mental health consultations and private fitness
instructions for free in his local community.


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