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Quote of the Day 021: The Mind

Do you sometimes feel stuck and unproductive during the day? What do you do in order to counteract this feeling?
Being on Maternity Leave, I see and care for my little one 24/7.  How do I find time to blog? I actually didn’t think about entering into this journey. As I started writing, I realized, it’s my stress reliever.  There’s no better feeling than to be just by myself and gather my thoughts. As everyone is asleep, I’m able to find focus and balance. I just start to punch those keys, drink my coffee and yes, my brain starts to work.
If we don’t open our hearts and minds to new opportunities, we get stuck. We are missing something; We get out of track, we lose focus and we are not able to find the better version of ourselves.
How about you? What strategies are you using to make your brain work? Share your thoughts.

Mitchelle is a first-time mom and the buzzy Mama of a sweet little man. She's here to connect with other moms, parents or soon to be parents by buzzing positively with Mom & Baby Activities filled with Self-Care Ideas, Family Fun, and Inspiration to help you balance Mom Life and Wellness. Welcome to the Hive-where Mom Life keeps buzzing!


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