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Quote of the Day 027: The Action


Our Quote of the Day conveys the message of how action speaks louder than words. The world has truly evolved. It feels like most of the people has to show something unique, exciting and all things beautiful! Is it good or bad? Right or Wrong?

There’s a huge difference between IMPRESSING vs. EXPRESSING. It’s up to the person who delivers the message if he’s being mindful that anyone has an opinion. So we must act responsibly on what we say, do and show to others.

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In Motherhood, I received numerous advices..and they are actually great! I’m grateful for those who have shared their ideas and input on how being a Mom looks like. It made me feel confident and better on what I’m doing. However, I also have my own experiences and so are you. An important lesson is….I don’t need to talk or say or promise to anyone that I’m doing a great job. I have encountered a lot of mistakes..and it’s okay..it led me to countless realization. If I’ve done things wrong, I need to act on it for myself and my little one. That’s all that matters.

How about you? Share your thoughts!

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