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Quote of the Day 030: The Destination

When it comes to sudden changes, do you freely accept it or do you easily get frustrated? Do you have an open mindset or are you stuck with your principles?

In life, we all have differences. We experience things in multiple ways. Sometimes, we think we’re on the right path but there’s always an obstacle along the way. Just like motherhood, I learn each and every day. Some days are good and other days are not the best. I take it as a learning opportunity. It’s not gonna be perfect and that’s what makes it exciting. All I know, whatever it is that I may experience, it’s all for my goal to provide what’s best for my little one.

How about you? How do you apply this quote in your day to day life? Share your thoughts.

Mitchelle is a first-time mom and the buzzy Mama of a sweet little man. She's here to connect with other moms, parents or soon to be parents by buzzing positively with Mom & Baby Activities filled with Self-Care Ideas, Family Fun, and Inspiration to help you balance Mom Life and Wellness. Welcome to the Hive-where Mom Life keeps buzzing!


  • Nicole R.

    I love this quote. It’s a reminder that we should focus on the things that we can change rather than the things that are out of our control.

    • MamaBuzz

      Yes sometimes we also get distracted easily with what’s around us but if we know what our goals are…we can achieve it through perseverance and determination.

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