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Quote of the Day 033: Be not afraid

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It’s been a while since I published some inspirational quotes.

This time, we will focus on what’s stopping us.

What are your common fears? Are you scared to fail? Are you doubting yourself to do something you’re passionate about?

Recently, I took a leap for an exciting challenge that is eventually leading me towards my goal; to connect with others and inspire them to balance Mom Life and Wellness while doing activities with a baby.

I love to focus on this aspect. I realized that I’m passionate about doing activities with my little man, at the same time, I’m also taking care of my overall health.

Thus, I’m taking small baby steps. I should not be afraid of going slowly. Instead, I should appreciate what I’ve accomplished in a short span of time. I should be grateful that I’m able to spend each moment with my baby and doing what I love.

What matters most is that I’m not standing still. I’m just thinking about the bigger picture of where I’m heading.

How about you? What are you currently working on? Do you feel stuck or are you finding ways to work things out the right way?

Share your thoughts!

Mitchelle is a first-time mom and the buzzy Mama of a sweet little man. She's here to connect with other moms, parents or soon to be parents by buzzing positively with Mom & Baby Activities filled with Self-Care Ideas, Family Fun, and Inspiration to help you balance Mom Life and Wellness. Welcome to the Hive-where Mom Life keeps buzzing!

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