• MomStar of the Month,  Montessori Learning

    MomStar of the Month: A Mom of 2 expands Montessori Learning at Home to her community

      April is here and I am so thrilled to kick off our very 1st MomStar of the Month! From being a wife, a nurse, a Montessori inspired mother to a SaveMom entrepreneur and a Playgroup organizer, Karen Zaragoza has influenced many Filipino moms in her Montreal community. Her feed @iamthekheeng in Instagram needs no introduction. From captivating day to day posts of her children’s activities to instantly inviting materials of Montessori Education, she has shared her passion, full of educational pieces to moms like me, who wants to start Early Childhood Learning at home, the Montessori way. When I contacted her for the feature, she gladly accepted the collaboration,…

  • Quote of the Day

    Quote of the Day 009: The Dream

    It’s Fatty Friday or let’s just say Fabulous Friday.  Today’s quote talks about Dreams. The question is..do you have dreams or if you call it goals? Are they realistic? In what way? When you think about it, do you spend a little bit of your time writing them down so you could plan your next steps? Are they SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bounded)? With a busy life as a first-time mom, I can’t keep track of things and time is constantly running. It’s very precious. Thus, I normally take down notes, set timelines, take action and check them off as it happens. Even prior becoming a mom, I…