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    Quote of the Day 022: The Challenge

    When you want to do something yet you’re having self-doubt, what inspires you to jump into it? Oftentimes, we hope for something to work out. We want to aim for our goals but we don’t know where to start. As I am enjoying Motherhood, I want to start this one journey that I thought I couldn’t do..So I told myself today, I can do this. This is the best time for me and this is meant for me. Change is good and learning is great! How about you? What self-affirmations do you tell yourself in order to face life’s challenges?Share your thoughts.

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    Quote of the Day 012: Time

    Have you ever had one of those days where you are so tired, you can’t seem to do anything except binge-watch a tv show and just be alone for a while? Do you call this as wasted time? Sometimes our mind is full of pressure, there’s a lot of unnecessary stress. By doing nothing, we label ourselves unproductive. So much time wasted. But is it though? If you actually enjoy this moment by yourself without doing anything, don’t feel sorry. You sometimes deserve it. Do the self-talk. It’s not a wasted time. You’re refreshing your mind and body. You’re decluttering the pressure inside of you. Embrace it with gratitude. You…