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Top Tips and Tricks From The Author of Bedtime, The Ultimate Battle.

January has gone so fast and I couldn’t believe how this month flew with just a blink of an eye! I have been busy with work and Local Markets and I didn’t realize that we’re halfway through this month!

Of course, the pattern goes on and on for me with Work, Eat, Sleep, repeat!

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As you know, I love featuring amazing Mamas in my blog and in January, you have checked out our R.E.A.L Biz Mom with the post: “It’s not hard to be real: Tips from the Founder of the R.E.A.L. Biz Moms”.

Today, our featured MomStar of the Month is Melissa Guida-Richards, a strong Mom of 2, an Adoptee and an Author of the book, Bedtime, the Ultimate Battle. She is a stay at home mom to two beautiful boys and advocates for mental health awareness and discusses the complexities of adoption on her blog, Spoonie-Mama.com.

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She is a freelance writer for Motherly, Her View From Home, and That’s Inappropriate. Guida-Richards also has a parenting book of sleep tips, which is a great resource for new parents like me and I would definitely like to have this!

Bedtime, the Ultimate Battle is a concise and humorous tool that even the most sleep-deprived parents will love. It contains the meat and potatoes of sleep solutions for your baby that you can digest easily in the middle of the night, without worrying about heartburn.

Bedtime, the Ultimate Battle includes more than ninety tips and tricks and discusses common nighttime hurdles such as:

  • Sleep training
  • Getting baby to nap when they don’t want to
  • Weaning babies who breastfeed to sleep
  • Handling sleep regressions like a champ
  • and more!

When I first connected with her, I just can’t help but check her blog at Spoonie-mama.com and her published book. I definitely needed this even though my little man sleeps good.

Want to know her story? Read our Featured MomStar of the Month Now!

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What is MomStar of the Month all about?

MomStar of the Month shares inspirational stories of women, no matter what background, ethnicity or race; has a great career or not, is a first-time mom or not, it doesn’t matter. 

Any Mom is a star in her own ways and with these stories, we share the journey of moms who aim to inspire others and transform lives with a purpose.

We highlight different women in our society, with their spirit to motivate others. A unique opportunity for all of us to hear and understand how these Moms learned how to flourish and balance their lives in today’s overwhelming world.

1.  Tell us about yourself (ex: Family, Children, Profession/ Background, what do you do, etc)

I am a mom of two toddlers, ages 3.5 and 2.

I have a Bachelors of Arts in psychology and criminal justice from SUNY Fredonia, and I am an author, wife, and adoptee.

My debut book, “Bedtime, The Ultimate Battle” contains the meat and potatoes of sleep solutions that new parents will love. It’s the perfect book for new parents, or caregivers who haven’t had a new baby around in a while. There are over 90 tips and tricks to help you get your babe to sleep, and it will give you a few laughs along the way.

Check out the book here!


2. As a Mom of 2, what keeps you busy at the moment? How do you manage your day to day activities with your children?

My toddlers and my work keep me busy!

I have several chronic illnesses that make some days harder than others, but with the help of DIsney+, tablets, and playdough we make it through just fine.

When my husband is off, he takes over kid duty, so I have a few days to write without distraction. I am in the process of some work that I can’t quite disclose yet, but it means that the boys will be starting daycare a few times a week so I can have more dedicated time to write!


3. How did you start your freelance journey and your blog “Spoonie Mama”?

I started writing when my second son was about six months old. I found little pockets of time between naps, or while I breastfeed and I would write blog posts on my phone.

I began freelancing for other bigger sites like Huffpo, and Zora, about a year later by pitching my essays, but began with smaller sites and articles about my experiences with motherhood, postpartum, and chronic illness.

In that same time, I started writing picture books, and seeking out an agent, but was connected with an editor from Skyhorse that was looking for a baby sleep book.

My blog was much smaller at the time, but the editor loved my sense of humor and voice in my writing and accepted my proposal for what will now be my first book. It will be in select stores, but will be available anywhere online that books are sold. 

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4.  What are some of the challenges that you’ve experienced as an adoptee? Did it help you become the person you are today?

Being an adoptee has definitely influenced who I am today. I still struggle with my identity some days, because I found out as an adult, but it has made me stronger.

My struggles with adoption, and parents who made some mistakes, made me realize that more education is necessary within our community to help transracial adoptees embrace their birth culture, and address complicated family dynamics.

I think a lot of people expect adoptees to be grateful for the opportunities adoption gave them, and often forget about the challenges that are still apart of our lives.

Adoption can be beautiful, but that doesn’t erase the trauma that goes along with having your first family no longer being part of your lives. 

Interview with mom, author of bedtime Blog Post Title


5. What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a mom?

The most rewarding part is making my kids happy. Nothing beats the smile when you help your child learn something new, or the hug that they give you when you were gone all day.

6. Leave us a message to all Moms who feel they are alone or simply those who struggle with Motherhood.

Motherhood isn’t easy for any of us. Social media helps portray that image, but the reality is that we all struggle sometimes.

Motherhood can be isolating, because we put everything into it- our blood, sweat, and tears.

So try to remember to take some time for yourself, and find your passion, or whatever makes you happy as a woman and not just as a mom.


Want to learn more from this amazing Mama? Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

You can also see more of her work at Spoonie-mama.com and Guida-richards.com.


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  • adrianeryann

    Do you have a bug implanted in my home? LOL! We have never had any sleep issues with any of our kids until now. Our toddler is totally regressing and having night terrors. I’ll have to check this book out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Kimberlie

    It is an excellent blog feature idea to highlight moms. I’m especially intrigued by her experiences with chronic illness and how she used those to thrust her into blogging and freelancing. Interesting read for moms who may be struggling and need inspiration to go after their goals.

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